Wednesday, 12 December 2018

No theory used in starting this game

It almost Christmas and the time for gifts. Joshua bought a theory free game for his opponent Arthur Hibbert. Very kind of him and he has even shared the start of it on this blog for you all to see and gasp at it! I'll leave that as an exercise to the readers! Hopefully he will include the rest of the game at some point but for those that always skip to the end of a book - he won.

Meanwhile, in the theory burdened section of the team Mike was playing Dan Rowan and had accidentally strayed in to an inferior line that ultimately left him a pawn down. However careful re-positioning off his pieces allowed him to hold the position.

Phil was playing yet another Scandinavian defence, this time against against Nick Martin. Out of the opening Phil lost a pawn but still had a solid position. Unfortunately towards the end of the session Phil missed a tactical trick that allowed white to mate him. This was a shame since it was Phil who had more time and white was getting increasingly desperate due to his time position.

However, prize of the night for being late went to Mal Waddell who arrived 30 minutes late for his game against Dave. You never really get over starting 20 minutes down on the clock and he was still 20 minutes adrift when he resigned, two pawns and an exchange down.

Another good result for the B team as they reach the half way point with seven wins from seven games.

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