Saturday, 6 June 2020

Kenilworth online chess ratings (May 2020)

So, let's start by getting the awards themselves out the way, with a reminder that this is based solely on rated games played between club members in the month of May, with previous ratings not mattering, and everything being calculated from scratch.

Most active player

Now I know this is an award, I can calibrate the amount I play to make sure I win it every month, and so I did win, with a total of 70 inter-club games

Most points scored

A competition between the active and the good, with the active winning out on this occasion, so I also take this award, with 40.5 points scored against other club members. I would like to dedicate this award to Jude, since my cause was tremendously helped by that day when we played about 12 bullet games in a room. I lost a load of them, but I still racked up a few useful points along the way.

Overall ratings (with changes from the previous month)

Mark Page (+2)
Paul Lam (-1, provisional rating as less than 10 games played)
Phil Wood (new entrant, provisional rating as less than 10 games played)
Joshua Pink (+3)
Jude Shearsby (+1)
Bernard Rogers (+2)
Lionel Riou-Durand (-2)
Andy Baruch (-6)
Algirdas Toleikis (0)/Bernard Charneley (+1) - this pair were exactly tied on rating to 2 decimal places - I wasn't prepared to go any further
Matthew Smiglarski (+1)
Ben Graff (-7, provisional rating as less than 10 games played)

I may need to look in to the system, if Phil is coming ahead of me.

I suppose I should also show some chess, so the below is the final game of this most recent Thursday, which was one of our by now traditional hand and brand games at the end of an evening. For those not familiar, this is where you play in teams of two, with one of the team announcing which type of piece (pawn, bishop etc.) their partner has to move that turn, and the other allowed to make any legal move with one of those pieces. In this game, Mark and Bernard R were the hands (moving the pieces), whilst I think quite correctly myself and Bernard C provided the brainpower.

A couple of points to note. When I announced my piece choices for moves 2-10, my hoped for moves were, 2. f5, 3. f5, 4.b5, 5.Bg4, 6.Nf6, 7.Qb6, 8.e5, 9.e5 and 10.e5. You will notice that Mark played none of these moves. Secondly, there was a load groan of despair from my partner on move 31, when I didn't say pawn and let him play g4. I maintain the fact we played the same move 2 moves later and it won a piece is evidence of my excellent forward planning, and in no way the fact I completely missed it (just like I did on move 11 when it also worked).

As ever, the standard reminder that if anyone else would like to join us in these evenings, where you not only get scintillating chess like the above, but also reports on Mark's beer drinking, Bernard R's ever receding retirement date, and those strange moments when Bernard C goes out to clap NHS staff with his neighbours, and forgets to come back and finish his game for half an hour, you just have to get in touch. I think I have a 100% success rate with people who have actually talked to me about any problems they may have had getting involved, and the offer always remains there.

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