Friday, 3 January 2020

2019 Christmas Quiz - an Update

Sorry, but its not yet time for me to put everyone out of their misery by providing the answers. Instead, there are some further adjustments to the number of hidden chess players you are looking for. And you are looking for them, aren't you?!

Clearly whoever set the quiz was totally incompetent, as with virtually everyday I find some more examples which the "setter" had failed to spot. Having already made two upwards adjustments which had raised the target to 154, I need to let everyone know that the total has now edged up to ………  328!! Yes, it has more than doubled. Which does not reflect at all well on the quizmaster. Regrettably, however, the hidden GM with the most references in the quiz (22) now turns out to share his name with 2 other GMs - and 5 IMs! Add in a further 1 GM and 3 IMs who also share that name but with a single extra letter added, and the recount has reached massive proportions.

Clearly the amount of research undertaken for the setting of this quiz was woefully inadequate, but what can I say? You just can't get the staff these days. I blame the teachers!

So just to be clear, you are now looking for:-

45 GMs (4 deceased), including 2 World Champions and 3 Women's World Champions, totalling 168 references
14 IMs, totalling 136 references
13 KCC members, totalling 24 references

The only good news to come out of this organisational fiasco is that if you find the most commonly hidden name, on each of the 22 occasions it appears in the text, you will notch up 176 references immediately - always assuming you can name the 3 GMs and 5 IMs that share this (very short) monicker.

Experience tells me that there are almost certainly more obscure chess players waiting to be discovered in the original text, but I have decided I am not going to look for them! So let's all agree that the official target is 328. And no more!

The answers will appear sometime next week. I bet you can hardly wait!

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