Leamington League

Kenilworth A - Division 1
Sep 18 Tue Banbury A (away)
Oct 01 Mon Shirley A (away)
Oct 31 Wed Solihull B (away)
Nov 05 Mon Leamington A (home)
Nov 26 Mon Rugby A (home)
Dec 11 Tue Olton A (away)
Dec 17 Mon Solihull A (home)

Feb 13 Wed Solihull A (away)
Feb 18 Mon Shirley A (home)
Mar 04 Mon Banbury A (home)
Mar 18 Mon Rugby A (away)
Mar 25 Mon Olton A (home)
Apr 01 Mon Solihull B (home)
Apr 09 Tue Leamington A (away)
League Table and Results 2018-19

Kenilworth B - Division 2
Sep 10 Mon Kenilworth C (home)
Sep 18 Tue Banbury B (away)
Sep 25 Tue Olton B (away)
Oct 23 Tue Stratford A (away)
Oct 29 Mon Shirley B (home)
Nov 28 Wed Daventry A (away)
Dec 10 Mon Banbury C (home)

Jan 07 Mon Kenilworth C (away)
Jan 21 Mon Olton B (home)
Feb 11 Mon Banbury B (home)
Mar 11 Mon Stratford A (home)
Apr 01 Mon Shirley B (away)
Apr 08 Mon Daventry A (home)
Apr 16 Tue Banbury C v (away)

Kenilworth C - Division 2
Sep 10 Mon Kenilworth B (away)
Sep 17 Mon Daventry A (home) - Postponed
Sep 24 Mon Stratford A (home)
Oct 15 Mon Olton B (home)
Nov 19 Mon Shirley B (away)
Nov 29 Thu Banbury C (away)
Dec 03 Mon Banbury B (home)

Jan 07 Mon Kenilworth B (home)
Feb 25 Mon Banbury C (home)
Mar 13 Wed Daventry A (away)
Mar 19 Tue Olton B (away)
Mar 26 Tue Banbury B (away)
Apr 15 Mon Shirley B (home)
Apr 23 Tue Stratford A (away)

Kenilworth D - Division 4
Sep 19 Wed Daventry B (away)
Sep 24 Mon Shirley D (home) 
Oct 22 Mon Stratford C (home)
Nov 14 Wed Solihull F (away)
Nov 26 Mon Solihull E (home)
Dec 10 Mon Banbury E (home)
Dec 18 Tue Stratford D (away)

Feb 11 Mon Solihull F (home)
Feb 18 Mon Shirley D (away)
Mar 12 Tue Stratford C (away)
Mar 18 Mon Daventry B (home)
Apr 01 Mon Stratford D (home)
Apr 09 Tue Banbury E (away)
Apr 17 Wed Solihull E (away)
League Table and Results 2018-19


Open KO Cup
Oct 22 Mon Banbury (home) Rd 1
Team Open KO 2018-19

U-700 Cup
Oct 8 Mon Shirley (home) Rd 1
Team U700 KO 2018-19

U-120 Cup
Oct 01 Mon Leamington (home) Rd 2
Team U120 KO 2018-19

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