Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Taking a Week Off

Because of an unfortunate clash with the England v Belgium World Cup match on Thursday June 28th, there will be no club meeting at The Gauntlet on that night. Normal service should be resumed the following week on July 5th - at least the World Cup won't get in the way, as its a blank day in the schedule. For those of you frustrated or disturbed by the loss of your weekly chess fix, and who are not interested in football, you need to calm down, relax and enjoy the break. This should help you chill out for a few hours.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Game of the Month, June 2018

Alright, alright! I know its been a long time since the last Game of the Month, but this feature has exacting standards, and just any old rubbish will not do. But when a victory by a (future) KCC member over a (future) GM falls into my hands, I just know that the wait has been worthwhile.

In this encounter, we are transported back to a simpler time, some 35 (!!) years ago, when Kenilworth's invisible man, Andy Baruch, was actually an active chess player who was more than a bit useful. Here he takes on a young whipper-snapper in the shape of a 15 year old David Norwood, who would get his IM title just 2 years later and his GM title a further 4 years after that (age 21). In this battle between Innocence and Experience, though, its the old codger who comes out decisively on top.

A small selection of further games by Andy from his golden years has come into my possession, so I think you can reasonably assume that some other big names will be biting the dust on these pages in the not too distant future. Sigh, if only he could still do it today!