Saturday, 5 June 2021

The Kenilworth Chess Club Derby - the Race and the Result

There's late drama at the start of the KCC Derby, as Randy Paul unfortunately lives up to his name by trying to get too friendly with superstar filly Allez France. A bucket of cold water having failed to cool his ardour, the remaining 30 runners are loaded in the stalls and ..... they're off and running in the first (and last) KCC Derby, over one and a half furlongs.

Its immediately apparent that over half the field are no-hopers and shouldn't really have been allowed in the race. Straight to the back go Mighty Morris (Will), Jude (guess who?!), Payne Relief (Steve), Chorister Choir (Solomon) and Noah's Dream (Noah), while Teacher, ridden by Andy Ward, is unable even to keep up with this motley crew. Also unable to go the pace of the leaders are Sabbatical (Andrew P), Baruch Abba (Andy B), Lithuanian (Algis) and Hot Rod (Rod!)

Reaching the top of the hill, with a mile to go, the pressure is now telling on Solicitor (Chris), Ambling (John), In the Pink (Josh) and The Stuart Line (Stuart). These are good horses, but this is the Derby, and they are simply not up to this class.

The pace quickens again as the leaders head down towards Tattenham Corner, and this immediately sees Cape Vincent (Vincent!), Mighty Matt (Matt!!) and Ed de Gas (Ed!!!) begin to toil. As the field rounds the bend into the home straight, Correspondent (Mike), Glorious Artist (Bernard C) Restless Carl (Carl!) and the last of the youngsters, Billy the Kid (Billy!!), are now struggling, and soon Graff (Ben) and Winker Watson (Roy) throw in the towel. They are both 6 furlong sprinters and, fine horses both, their lack of stamina has found them out.

So now, as we head inside the 2 furlong marker, the cream has risen to the top and just a magnificent seven superstar horses remain in contention. First to crack and fall back are the specialist milers Mark of Esteem (me!) and Tap on Wood (Phil), both 2,000 Guineas' winners, leaving five horses spread across the track. Bernardini (Bernard R), is just off the pace, though - well, we can't have an American horse winning, even if he is a winner of the Preakness and multiple Group 1 races - leaving four horses to fight it out in the final furlong.

Allez France (Lionel), winner of the 1974 Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe ......

..... is going head to head with King's Theatre (Tony), second in both the Epsom and Irish Derbies in 1994

......... but then right on the line there are late thrusts from The Flying Dutchman (Bruce) and Dr Devious (Nick) and as they flash past the post a photo finish is called. Hurriedly the judge (me) consults the video evidence, where he is able to confirm that Dr Devious won the 1992 Epsom Derby, but regrettably no such proof exists for The Flying Dutchman's 1849 victory. And so, controversially, the judge goes against one of the greatest horses of the 19th century in favour of one of the more modest Derby winners of the 20th - but crucially, seeing is believing!

Final Result

1 Dr Devious - Nick Mottram
2 The Flying Dutchman - Bruce Holland
3 Allez France - Lionel Riou-Durand
4 King's Theatre - Tony King
5 Bernardini - Bernard Rogers
6 Mark of Esteem - Mark Page

An unpleasant post script to the race was the disqualification of Chorister Choir when a shocking case of fraud - presumably perpetrated by Solomon - came to light after the race. Instead of the hapless Hayes, the horse had been ridden by Walter Swinburn, the three time Derby winning jockey, who just happened to be nicknamed "The Choirboy". But even this wretched subterfuge could not help the very slow Chorister Choir from finishing 29th. Shame on you, Solomon!

And I hope that those of you who had a flutter on the alternative/"real" Derby found the winner, Adayar, at 16/1. 

Monday, 31 May 2021

The Kenilworth Chess Club Derby - Runners and Riders

Well, better late than never is all I can say. Two years ago, we had the inaugural/final running of the KCC Grand National (won by Ben ahead of Matt and Tony) and I did threaten everyone that this would be followed by the KCC Derby. But I forgot. Until now!

The real Derby is set for 16.30 next Saturday (June 5th) at Epsom, but our event will be run entirely in my imagination at some unspecified time between now and who knows when! The format is the same as for the Grand National. Every KCC member is represented by a real horse (not necessarily still alive and kicking!) that participated in flat races, with their quality ranging from the truly abysmal to superstars. Its the luck of the draw which type you share a name or connection with.

There are a couple of non-runners compared to the 2019 KCC Grand National, but we also have some extra starters, and so a field of 31 (2 more than the 2019 race) will line up in their quest to win the Blue Riband of the turf.





Algis Toleikis



Andrew Paterson


Baruch Abba

Andy Baruch



Andy Ward



Ben Graff


Glorious Artist

Bernard Charnley



Bernard Rogers


Billy The Kid

Billy Fellowes


The Flying Dutchman

Bruce Holland


Restless Carl

Carl Pickering



Chris Aldridge


Ed de Gas

Ed Goodwin



John Ambler


In the Pink

Joshua Pink



Jude Shearsby


Allez France

Lionel Riou-Durand


Mark of Esteem

Mark Page


Mighty Matt

Matt Smiglarski



Mike Donnelly


Doctor Devious

Nick Mottram


Noah's Dream

Noah Seymour


Randy Paul

Paul Lam


Tap on Wood

Phil Wood


Hot Rod

Rod Webb


Winker Watson

Roy Watson


Chorister Choir

Solomon Hayes


Payne Relief

Steve Payne


The Stuart Line

Stuart Blaiklock


King's Theatre

Tony King


Cape Vincent

Vincent Xia


Mighty Morris

Will Morris

I regret to report several instances of poor sportsmanship already, with three horses disqualified pre-race. Solomon wanted to be represented by the great Sadler's Wells (winner of the Irish 2000 Guineas and 14 times champion sire in Britain & Ireland), but this has been disallowed as he hasn't actually moved to Wells yet. Unlucky! Joshua has also been in conflict with the judge (me) demanding that Rail Link (winner of the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe) should represent him, but as he has been in lockdown for over a year and not commuting between Kenilworth and Manchester to play for us, I've had to rule him out as well. Again, unlucky! That accursed pandemic just hasn't been kind to some people. And finally, Stuart's wish to be represented by Mr Bojangles was also disallowed on the grounds that this is a race for horses, not Labradoodles or similar. I like to think the post-race drugs test would have spotted he was a dog, anyway.

The jockeys have been legged up; the horses are at the start; and the crowd (Sid and Doris Bonkers) is in a frenzy of excitement. May the best horse/man win! (To be continued.)

Sunday, 16 May 2021

KCC Road Trips - Number 2 - NE USA

Time for our second journey around places with the names of KCC members, and where else would we go than the USA, the spiritual home of the road trip? But its a mighty big country, and there's no way we can polish this off in a single bite - so this will take two or three separate trips. The first is going to focus on the North East of the country, where in just 26 hours we can do a circuit of 1,417 miles and take in no less than 7 eponymous KCC stops. We won't quite "cover all the North East states", but we'll get close enough to justify including this superb song by The Boss.

There's really no place else to start than Kenilworth, New Jersey. A Borough of just 8,000 people it is home to the other Kenilworth Chess Club and was once closely associated with Sam "The Plumber" DeCavalcante. Who wasn't really a plumber. But I don't think we should dwell on that fact, do you?

Given we have a long journey to make, its a bit of a surprise that our first stop comes up after just 20 miles/26 minutes, when we reach Paterson, NJ. This is a big place at close to 150,000 inhabitants, and can boast comedy/film legend Lou Costello amongst its famous sons. Beat poet Allen Ginsburg lived here as did David Prater, half of the soul duo Sam and Dave, and boxer Ruben Carter, whose wrongful conviction for triple murder inspired Bob Dylan's 1975 epic song, "Hurricane", and the 1999 movie of the same name, with Denzel Washington in the title role.

Now the miles start clocking up, as its a 3 hr 8 minute drive (165 miles) to our next stop in Morris, New York, a small town of about 1,800 people in Otsego County. Far from being named after our own Will, the town remembers General Jacob Morris, son of Lewis, one of the signatories of the US Declaration of Independence. Wikipedia lists five notable former residents, but as I've never heard of any of them, we'll continue our journey, as its another 3 hrs 6 mins and 191 miles to Ward, NY.

This is the most westerly stop on our trip, but with a population of only 350 or so, there's not a lot to detain us here (sorry, Andy!) and we'll head straight out of town and turn north towards Watson. This is a journey of 3 hrs 50 mins/218 miles, but we're still in New York state. Well, I did mention this is a big country, didn't I!? Despite dwarfing Ward, with a population of almost 2,000, there's again nothing special to record here, so now its a case of sorry, Roy and on to the next stop.

Only 50 minutes/30 miles and we are in the similarly sized Webb, NY. (What is it with all these W's??) Named after a minor railway baron (we're not talking Cornelius Vanderbilt here!) rather than our own Rod, the town also pays passing reference to other KCC members - Solomon is remembered by the hamlet of Big Moose, and Bernard R by Bald Mountain.

Right, you'd better settle down for a long drive now, as we have to traverse a whole state (Vermont) to reach Phillips, Maine which takes us 7 hrs 40 mins/359 miles. Where, in the words of Richard Ayoade, "We're here. But should we have come?" Wikipedia lists 8 notable people - very impressive for a place that currently boasts only 1,000 inhabitants, but ....... well, you hardly need me to finish the sentence. See above.

This is the most northerly point of our trip, and now we head south, south, south for 5 hrs 38 minutes/331 miles (passing through New Hampshire and across Massachusetts) to reach Seymour, Connecticut - thankfully a town of more substance than every where we've been since Paterson. Named after the 36th state Governor rather than our Noah, Seymour is home to 16,500 people, but despite its size, its the same story regarding notable people, I'm afraid! Intriguingly, though, there is a charity here called Seymour Pink. Who'd have ever imagined that?  We could have caught a train here from Grand Central Station, New York (changing at Bridgeport) which would have taken just 2 hrs 45 minutes, but that would have meant missing out on Morris, Ward, Watson, Webb and Phillips which would have been a shame. Or not, as the case may be.

But now its, "Home, James", with a 1 hr 48 mins/105 miles dash back to Kenilworth.

Well, that was fun, wasn't it? So much so, that we'll do something very similar when the US road trips continue in episode 3. So if you haven't had a mention yet, be patient. There's a lot of very small places in the USA and maybe one of them has your name on it!

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

By the Way, We've Won Another Cup!

I almost forgot to mention it, but I am pleased to announce that we have won another Cup. Sort of. Well, half of a Cup, anyway.

When the 2019-20 season was suspended, never to be resumed, we had reached the Final of the Coventry League KO Cup. After overcoming the handicap to beat Rugby C (Div 2) and Nuneaton D (Div 3) with a 100% score, in Rounds 1 and 2, we then saw off Nuneaton B (Div 2), conceding just a single draw over the board. We were due to meet Rugby B (Div 2) in the Final, but with this proving impossible due to the pandemic, the League Committee decided earlier this year that the trophy should be shared by the two finalists.

I guess we'll settle for that. Even though we would have won the Final, of course!!

Sorry for not reporting this earlier, but I've just been so busy.

Saturday, 8 May 2021

KCC Online Grand Prix - Round 7 - Persistence Rewarded

The penultimate event in the seemingly endless KCC Online Grand Prix, saw May's event (90 minutes of 2 mins + 1 sec Bullet) go the way of Joshua, who edged home in a thrilling and totally chaotic finish. After finishing second twice and third three times, this was, it could be argued, a deserved success - for persistence, if nothing else.

The event was rather distorted by some strange connection/disconnection issues which saw some people lose games they didn't even know they were playing in, and others simply go offline at the wrong moment. Josh and Bernard R seemed the worst affected, while those of us who pay our phone/broadband bills on time, remained blissfully connected for the whole event. Maybe there is a moral in there somewhere?

Bernard R came out the blocks like a man on a mission, winning his first 5 games, but he was seemingly badly derailed by the onset of connection problems, losing 6 of his next 8 games and never getting on a winning streak again. Josh then took over and at one point seven consecutive wins propelled him into a massive lead. Then the jitters set in for him, too, but despite 3 losses in a row, he just kept enough composure to stagger across the line in first place. But at the end he had only two points to spare over yours truly, who committed the cardinal sin of turning down a draw offer from Ben, completely forgetting that when the clock ran out, the game would score no points for either player. When I remembered a few moments later and offered a draw to Ben, he was in such a state of concentration that he never noticed. A draw would have got me 2 points, as I was on a Streak, and so into a tie for first place, where I suspect my TPR (nearly 200 points higher than Josh) would have seen me on the top step of the podium.

Five points back in third place was Jude, who failed to perform up to pre-tournament favouritism and to his remarkable Bullet rating of 2400+. His insistence on Berserking seemed like a crucial strategic error to me, and despite playing more games than anyone else, he never got onto a Streak, which - with its double points - is far more important to my mind. A TPR of just 1663 was far, far removed from Jude's real/usual Bullet strength.

Ben had a late tournament surge to just edge Batboy Bernard out of 4th place on tie break. Solomon, Algis and Matt completed the 8 strong field, and everyone scored at least 3 wins, so no one left empty handed.

Heading into the last event of the Grand Prix, I slightly increased my lead to 15 points, but Joshua's win puts him only 5 points further back. The baying of the KCC mob for a double points event to end proceedings, riding roughshod over my self-appointed role as Rules Supremo, means he has a real chance of claiming the Grand Prix title in June, when there will be a fierce three way battle for glory.

Monday, 3 May 2021

KCC Road Trips - Number 1 - England

So first there was the Walking Tour of all the premises ever used by KCC for matches and club nights (see post dated May 12, 2020), but now its time to expand the geographic reach and ambition of this website. So how about a series of articles that link all the places which share a name with KCC members, past and present? For no purpose other than to amuse me on a wet Bank Holiday Monday after what seems like 10 years in lockdown. Besides, who doesn't like a nice drive in the country?

First stop from Kenilworth (after 29 miles/45 minutes) is the Staffordshire town of Aldridge - though technically it is now part of Walsall, and so in the West Midlands. Besides being named after our revered former Chairman - and lately D team skipper - Chris, the town (population of around 27,000) is famous for ..... well nothing too dramatic it appears. Multiple paralympic Gold medallist Ellie Simmonds went to school here, as did Colin Charvis, captain of Wales at Rugby Union. But that's about all I've got!

It's back onto the M6 now, and we continue heading North, and after 67 miles/1 hr 30 minutes we arrive at Mottram St Andrew in a very affluent part of Cheshire. A prominent former resident of this small village (population 493) was the inimitable Mario Balotelli, whose home here was the site of an unfortunate firework incident! I'm sure its a much duller, though possibly safer, place without him. Remarkably, though, this is not the only place named after our long standing club doctor, as in another 32 minutes (22 miles) we find ourselves entering Mottram in Longdendale. This village is now part of Tameside (Greater Manchester) and is seemingly in dire need of a by-pass! It was the home of LS Lowry for some 28 years up to his death in 1976, and he is commemorated by a memorial in the village.

Well that's quite enough Mottrams, I think, as we have a long journey ahead of us now. (103 miles and 1 hour 55 minutes will bring us to Pickering, a North Yorkshire market town of some 6,800 people, boasting a splendid castle (Snap!) and a heritage steam railway. A controversial choice, I know, given Carl's abandonment of KCC and his homeland in search of career gold in the Far West of the good ol' USA. But he was a club stalwart and Board 1 for a number of years, and is a former winner of the LDCL Blitz Championship. I could mention the only other KCC player to have annexed this title, but modesty forbids.

We now turn south and face another long drive (149 miles/2 hrs 43 mins), but its worth it, as this brings us to the Leicestershire village of Shearsby. The population at the 2011 census was just 240, but it looks a nice place and as well as honouring the mighty Jude, the village pub also has a chess connection, presumably having been named after GM Murray Chandler! It has an annual beer festival in July, and if it wasn't in such an inaccessible place I would have suggested a club outing!

After another 96 miles (1 hr 49 mins) the M1 and M25 take us to Hayes, in the London Borough of Hillingdon. (Another controversial selection, but despite never meeting any other member of KCC, Solomon has become an online stalwart over the last 12 months, so fully merits his inclusion in my opinion. Which, after all, is the only one that matters here!) We are in the big time now, as the 2011 population was a massive 83,564 - making it almost as big as Nuneaton. Yes, really - that big! Hayes is best known as the home of EMI, and it was here that the Beatles records were pressed. It is also the site of the UK Head Offices of Heinz, United Biscuits and Fujitsu, and notable former residents include William Byrd (the Father of English music, and someone whose works I bet Solomon has sung!) and George Orwell. Other famous folk to have either been born in Hayes, or been brought up there, include Olympic gold medal winning boxer Chris Finnegan, Bond girl Jane Seymour, Barry Foster (Van der Valk)  and BBC Director General Greg Dyke. But football provides its greatest claims to fame. Glenn Hoddle was born here; Ray Wilkins grew up here, and both Les Ferdinand and the great Cyrille Regis played for Hayes FC before they hit the big time. So basically, we've got a lot to thank Solomon's eponymous town for!

But maybe he's pushing his luck a bit, since after a further 49 miles (1 hr 7 mins) we find ourselves in ...... Hayes! Again! This time in the London Borough of Bromley, which is chiefly famous for being the long term home of my brother. Oh, and the birthplace of Pitt the Elder and Pitt the Younger, I suppose.

That's more than enough from Solomon, I think, so we should press on to the last stop on our England Road Trip. And its a bit of an anti-climax I'm afraid, because after 77 miles and 1 hr 34 mins we arrive at Walmer, in Kent. Now if you're thinking that there has never been a KCC member called Walmer, I'd have to agree with you, but regrettably 32, The Beach, the home of the Goodwin Sands Conservation Trust is the closest we can get (without getting wet!) to the treacherous sandbanks located 6 miles offshore, which were obviously named after our past and now present member, Ed. To spare Ed from unjustified criticism, I should probably draw a veil over the fact that more than 2,000 ships have foundered on this maritime danger spot. I should have, but I didn't.

All that remains now is 185 miles, and 3 hrs 18 mins later we are back home, weary but safe and sound, in Kenilworth, having completed our KCC England Road Trip of 768 miles in just 15 hours 13 minutes. Plus "comfort stops", I guess. A pretty long journey - but nothing compared to what's in store for us when the KCC Road Trip goes international in the next episode! So if you didn't get a mention this time around, don't despair just yet, as in addition to some old friends, we'll meet plenty of new ones along the way.

Monday, 5 April 2021

From the Archives - Part 16 - Filling in the Gaps, 2000/2001

Who'd have thought it? When this series "ended" last March, I signed off with a plea for people to have a search for any club documents from the unrecorded years. (Or the Watson era as I always think of it!) Amazingly, someone actually did just that, and a (good) few months back, Mike Johnson dropped off a selection of club papers that I have now finally got around to sifting through. (Well, I don't know about you, but I've been very busy over the last year!)

The new stuff is all a bit random, so don't expect too much in the way of coherent history (as if you would!), but hopefully the new material will fill in the odd gap or two in the narrative of the club's development since its formation in 1975. Anyway, after weeding out the duplicate records, lets look at the fresh news that has emerged about the state of play for KCC just after the turn of the century.

May 2000 - the AGM is held on May 4th, with only 10 present - and no apologies. Bernard Rogers is Chairman and has to record the sad news that Joe Soesan had passed away, after playing for and supporting the club in a variety of ways for many years. He would be sorely missed. As would John Skinner, who had moved away from the area. More positively, "Mick" (possibly Mike Whatson?) and "Geoff" (Quilley, I guess)  had joined - as had (drum roll!!) "Paul Lam and his brother." who are "very talented". The minutes certainly got that right!

The Treasurer, Bruce Holland, reported a surplus for the year of £303.41, largely due to a £250 bequest from Joe. Assets now stood at £418.20, but despite this, subs are to go up to £10 for adults and £4 for juniors.

League performances had been distinctly average, with the A team 6th of 8 and the B team last. But the C team had won its division. Geoff King had reached the final of the League U-100 individual and Phil Wood had "won" the LDCL Lightning. Or at least that is what the minutes reported - but keep reading this article!

Bernard has had enough and announces he will stand down as Chairman. Officers for the 2000-01 season are elected as follows:-

Chairman: Geoff Quilley
Secretary: Ed Goodwin
Treasurer: Bruce Holland

With the loss of Joe, and with Ed's availability uncertain, the club decided to voluntarily relegate the A team from Division 1. The B team would play in Division 3 and and the C and D teams in Division 4.

Bruce told the meeting about the new "electric clocks" (sic), but no decision is made about any purchase. The £55 cost may well have been a factor. Or maybe it was another example of chess players' general antipathy towards new ideas! 

May 2001 - The AGM is held on May 3rd with 17 people present, including many familiar names. Geoff Quilley is in the Chair, and Bruce is Treasurer. P. Marsh (who he?) commits the cardinal sin of not sending apologies for absence and is named and shamed by the Secretary. We now learn that Phil won the U-125 section of the LDCL Lightning Tournament in 2000, not the whole competition! You just can't believe everything you read, it seems.

Bruce reported that the club had run up a deficit of £63.92 for the year, though we could still boast a healthy Building Society balance of £354.28. Subs were £10 pa, with £5 for the newly created category of Associate Member and £4 for juniors - plus a game fee of £0.29 per game, which would rise to £0.30 for the coming year. Major expenditure had been incurred on a Magnetic Display Board (£75) - where is it now?? - and a Lightning Buzzer (£24.95) - which is staring at me as I type this. But 12 new Garde clocks (£20 each) had been acquired at seemingly no expense to the club. A mystery benefactor it would appear!

In the 2000-01 season the B and C teams had each won their divisions in the LDCL, while the D team had come second. A veil seems to have been drawn over the A team's clearly disappointing performance. Congratulations to Paul Lam and Tony King for winning the League U-125 and U-100 individual tournaments, respectively.

In shock, gasp, horror news it emerges that Roy Watson may not be available to play in the 2001-02 season, while Simon Whatson is off to University and will also be missing. So the meeting decides to field two teams in Division 2 and two teams in Division 3. The poor b*****s who will run the teams are:-

A Phil Wood
B Geoff Quilley
C Chris Aldridge
D Tony King

Bruce stands down as Treasurer and Geoff King takes over, while Bernard becomes Secretary and Geoff Q continues as Chair.

The club wants to run a demonstration at the Carnival, but more significantly Bruce had been a prime mover in setting up a weekend congress (June 8-10) at the De Montfort Hotel (now the Holiday Inn). Intriguingly, 2 of those present at the AGM are amongst the corporate sponsors of the event! They must have put an x for no publicity, as no names are mentioned.

Technology gets its first ever AGM mention, with the meeting deciding that a club website should be established. Mark Lam - yes, you read that right! - indicates that he may be able to help with this. Hmmm. I'm going to keep an eye on this - assuming the subject ever gets mentioned again!

November 2001 - Geoff Quilley resigns as Chairman having moved to Leicester for work reasons, though he still hopes to make the occasional appearance for the B team. He is sad to be leaving as he has a "great affection for the Club and for the warm, kind and engaging people who are its members." Splendid words, which I hope would still be appropriate in our modern incarnation.

Well, that's filled in a couple of years, but Mike's pile of documents is far from exhausted, so I'll be back to continue this round-up in the near future. When we will jump forwards to 2003.

Sunday, 4 April 2021

KCC Online Grand Prix Round 6 - Batboy Flies High!

All change at the top of the GP leader-board after last week's 6th event (2 hours of 5 mins + 3 secs Blitz). Pre-tournament favourite - and GP leader - Jude Shearsby had a disastrous evening, limping across the line in 5th position to pick up a measly 10 GP points - his worst return in the series so far. School clearly doesn't agree with him! So my first place was enough to send me back into the GP lead, with a 12 point advantage over Jude.

After making the early running, and still leading as the clock passed 90 minutes (our normal playing session), Joshua eventually finished only third on the night, but remains unchallenged in the same position in the Grand Prix. He probably needs to win both remaining events to have any chance of fighting for first place. Though as he hasn't managed to win any of the previous six, you probably shouldn't bet your (or even his) house on that happening!

But I can already sense the puzzlement of all you Blog readers out there. If I won, with Joshua third and Jude only fifth, who on earth could have come second in April's event? Especially with Lionel once again absent? Remarkably, it was that club Colossus Bernard R, who turned in a performance for the ages - well for the year at least - to secure the runner-up spot on the podium, thanks to a last round 4 point win over Joshua that saw him grab the silver medal position by a single point! A massive GP personal best for Bernard, who started the series off in November by coming a dismal 9th, and had never finished higher than fifth in any previous event. Yet this result has somehow rocketed him up to fourth position in the GP standings!

So the circus moves on to May, when the pace of play will ratchet up several gears as we have a first Bullet event - though with a time control of 2 mins + 1 secs, Jude probably thinks this is way too slow. Relative oldsters like Ben, Bernard and Joshua were all enthusiastic advocates of a bullet event, and faced by such a powerful lobbying group, I had no choice but to let them have their way. But be careful what you wish for, is all I will say to them!

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

The Curtain Falls

After an eventful, and not entirely enjoyable, online season, Kenilworth A have finished second in Division 1 of the Coventry & Leamington League. Of course, we should have won, but in a disastrous final match we somehow managed to only draw 4-4 against 6th placed Coventry A. Another half a point, and the title would have been ours, but unfortunately our last minute lapse allowed Nuneaton to overtake us a week later, when they won their game in hand. Despite us scoring 4.5 more game points.

What if ......? If only Bernard C hadn't lost by a disconnection against Nuneaton A; if only Joshua hadn't decided to turn out for Coventry in a meaningless match for them and then scored his first win ever against me in a competitive game; if only Bernard C hadn't opted out of our match against Coventry to avoid playing his other club; if only Ben hadn't inexplicably scored 0/2 on Board 4 against Ed Goodwin in that crucial match, when the following week he powered his way to 2/2 on Board 1 for the B team against Joshua! Anyway, good job it was an inconsequential online League, or it might really have upset me.

But in an exclusive scoop, I am able to present the moment when Joshua - looking uncannily like Sir Alec Guinness - realised the enormity of his mistake.

The B team found it tough going, but they were competitive in virtually every match and almost finished on a high, going down by only 4.5-3.5 to Coventry A in the final match of the season. And their earlier win over Leamington ensured they avoided finishing bottom. The match against Coventry featured possibly the game of the whole season - an incredible win by Billy against Sam Cotterill with a thrilling king march the length of the board. The fearlessness - and brilliance - of youth!

What an amazing game from one so young. And just look at that remarkable final position!!

Now, I don't want you to think I'm going on and on about this, but more film has just arrived showing further remorse on Joshua's part (now looking amazingly like Dennis Law), as he refuses to celebrate his win over me. 

I'm sure Joshua will be really keen to make it up to the whole club when we resume socialising, and I for one am looking forward to the life-time supply of free drinks he will doubtless offer by way of reparation!

Monday, 15 March 2021

Online Grand Prix - Round 5 Update

The March edition of our monthly online arena tournaments on Lichess, saw us leave the straight and narrow and try our hand at the abomination that is Chess960/Fischer Random. I had never previously played a single game of this mongrelised version of chess, but being a shameless pot-hunter (no matter how small, or even non-existent the pot) I obviously threw my hat in the ring to try and defend my position atop the Grand Prix leader board.

But, alas, the effort was in vain, since for the second month running Jude emerged - at the end of 2 hours intense play - as a clear winner, and in the process he jumped to first place in the Grand Prix table. And this despite conceding two games to absence/disconnections. But with a couple of successful berserks at the start of the event, and a speed of play which the old codgers in the event just couldn't match, Jude finished two points ahead of Joshua, who owed his silver medal to my failure to draw the most elementary rook and pawn ending ever in our individual encounter. Bizarrely, I was the only person all night to build up a head of steam and secure even a single double points win, but after this rip-roaring start I went downhill and was massively relieved to finish a point ahead of Solomon and Algis, who both showed a great affinity for this version of chess. In fact, Solomon can consider himself very unlucky to miss out on the podium, as he not only had the highest rating performance of the tournament, but his 4 wins from 5 games had the single loss (to Bernard R) right in the middle, so he missed out on any double points wins. Timing is everything, it seems! A rather less positive shout out to Ben, who had a terrible night. And to think it was his idea to play Chess960! (Though I have to say it was indeed a great idea, and (surprisingly) I enjoyed it so much I might well try it again!!)

Lionel's absence from a second consecutive event has seemingly scuppered his chances of Grand Prix victory, and it almost looks like a two horse race now, as Joshua would need a couple of wins - and for Jude and me to underperform badly - if he is to mount a challenge. But you'll notice, I did say "almost" - as I haven't yet decided on the final rules. I may yet opt for a "best x results" scoring system to determine the winner - where "x" is a number that I have yet to decide upon! Moreover, nobody (myself included) can be absolutely sure how many more legs this Grand Prix is going to have. Eventually all will become clear when I unveil the KCC roadmap out of lockdown  - though if I were a betting man (and with the Cheltenham Festival starting tomorrow, I may well be) I would make 3 the strong favourite.

April's event - duration and format yet to be decided upon by the Tournament Committee - will take place on Thursday, April 1st. Now, why is everybody laughing? I just don't see what's so funny, myself.