Thursday, 12 March 2020

I Don't Want To Talk About It! - WSTCC 2020 Day 7

If you follow live games on the Chessbomb site, you'll know that when someone makes a bad move it is shown in red. My Round 6 game against an Austrian must have looked like a sea of red - primarily because I kept making bad move after bad move, but also probably because my opponent must have missed many quicker and more decisive wins. At least, I am assuming this as I can't actually bring myself to look at the game, because I'm so embarrassed by my performance. Take it away, Rod!

What I do know for sure, though, is that I cost our team the match, as the other three boards were drawn. Including a remarkable Board 4 encounter where our captain, Mick Stokes, somehow managed to save a game where he had two rooks against his opponent's two queens! Given that one queen often wins against two rooks, the fact that two couldn't was nothing short of miraculous. Not that it did us any good. Today we play Sweden 2, and I'm assuming/hoping I can't play as badly again.

In fact it was a double disaster yesterday, as I got absolutely wiped out 3-0 in my ten pin bowling match. I should stick to table tennis.

Star performers for England have been the England 2 team in the 50+ section, and today they play against Canada, who yesterday held England 1 to a draw. And England 2 are on a higher table than our all GM first team!

As its a slow news day, I have raided the archives for a couple of photos to spice up this report. So for the modern architecture buffs I present an interesting comparison of pre- and post- Velvet Revolution Prague buildings.

The Zizkov TV Tower - a big slab of Communist brutalism!

A whimsically wavy Prague tower block, proving that capitalist architects aren't always much better! 

Right, that's your lot for today. I'm off for a walk along the river. I hope I resist the urge to throw myself in.

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