Monday, 20 April 2020

An Unlikely Star is Born!

I've always thought that I have a great face for radio, but amazingly that hasn't stopped me from becoming an internet sensation (at least in my own home; OK, to be strictly accurate, with 50% of the residents of my own home) following my appearance on the latest video from Matthew Sadler and Natasha Regan in their series, "Chess for Life in the Time of Corona". The series follows on from the work the two distinguished authors did when producing their 2016 ECF Book of the Year, "Chess for Life".

Having been suggested for this series by my old friend John Saunders (himself the subject of another one of the videos), I was delighted to discover when taking part that both Natasha and Matthew are exceedingly sympathetic and generous interviewers, who made the whole experience very enjoyable. They cannot be held responsible, of course, for any of the drivel uttered by myself. Or indeed any drivel not uttered by myself, as I discovered to my horror on first viewing that I failed to mention Kenilworth by name even once! Or any of you lot!! You'll just have to get your own video interview!

Given that many people have plenty of spare time at the moment, the next time you find yourself with a spare 41 minutes and 28 seconds, then take a look at this video. You not only get to see and hear my erudite thoughts on the human condition, but also my thrilling win - never previously published - over GM Mark Hebden -  commented upon by super-GM, and former World top 20 player, Matthew Sadler. Sounds like the perfect way to spend 41 minutes and 28 seconds to me!

And if that has whetted your appetite, then why not take a look at the other videos in the series, all of which can be found on Natasha and Matthew's Chess For Life You Tube channel here. Which Ben has already described, in print, as "a brilliant series". Though that was before he knew I was part of it! And as a bonus, if you take a look at the short "Chess for Life" book promo video, you'll even get yet another shot of yours truly - but don't blink, or you'll miss it!

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