Friday, 14 February 2014

Roy Watson - The Unstoppable Force!!

Roy became the second Kenilworth player (after Joshua) to win a weekend tournament in 2014, when he scored an impressive outright first in the Under 120 tournament at Frodsham (Cheshire). A really excellent performance.

Frodsham Under 120 (55 players; 7-9 Feb, 2014)

1st Roy Watson (Kenilworth) 4.5.
2nd= Tim Allen (Battersea), Paul Broderick (Newport, Shropshire),
Colin Gardiner (Newmarket), Chris Volk (No Club) 4.

This follows a shared second place at the Shropshire Congress in January - he's on fire!

Can this really be the same man who completely forgot to recapture a piece in a recent B team match? Apparently it can.

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