Thursday, 24 April 2014

Normal Service at the LDCL "Lightning" Tournament

No Kenilworth triumph to report at the 2014 league individual blitz, which for unfathomable reasons continues to be styled as the Lightning Tournament. Phil Holt of Olton won the title for the umpteenth time, though only after a play off with debutant Olivia Smith of Solihull, after they both scored 8/9.

I finished third (possibly shared, but I didn't hang around to find out) with 7 - six wins plus a loss to Olivia Smith, and draws with Phil Holt and R. Gil. I can only dream nostalgically about that great night in 2010 when I won the event, though I was a Leamington player in those days. Carl Pickering was victorious for Kenilworth in 2008, and these are the only two times since 2005 that Phil hasn't won the tournament!

Mike Johnson was the only other Kenilworth player to play this year, and he did the decent thing by losing to me in Round 1 - though having played the very strong move Bd6 attacking a piece on e7, he forgot to follow up next move with Bxc5 which would have won a very juicy pawn. Not sure about Mike's final score, but he was around or just above the 50% mark I think.

Anyway, I can actually remember one of my games, and as it was a win over a strong player (who wiped me out in a recent league match) it gives me the opportunity to try and post a game on this site for the first time. So if Joshua's instructions on how to do it work, hopefully you will now get the chance to play through my Round 8 game against Alan Lloyd of Olton.

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