Thursday, 12 November 2015

What Kind of Chess Player Are You?

Here's a mildly interesting way to pass a spare five minutes (of which I seem to have quite a few these days!). Take the Chess Personality Test here.

For what it's worth, I am apparently a Surgeon in the mould of Emanuel Lasker. Feel free to post your result as a Comment below, so we can see what the overall profile of the club is. I think I can fairly confidently predict which category our esteemed Webmaster and First Team Captain will fall into.


  1. I'm not sure what Mark was expecting me to get, but it actually came back with me being Vishy Anand (a natural apparently). The description was a well-rounded player, who rarely gets into time pressure (true) or uncomfortable positions (perhaps a little less true). It also said that I prefer healthy openings without too much risk attached (considerably less true). I think the issue it had was that because I don't like sacrificing material, I came out as a solid rather than aggressive player.

    It all starts to go particularly wrong when it discusses what openings it thinks I should play. The suggestions are the Ruy Lopez with white (which I believe I have played in 4 rated games in my life), and the Sicilian Defence (1 game) and the Queen's Indian (never played) with black. Clearly the Snake and Vulture Benoni were left off the list be mistake.

  2. Well, quite reasonably I thought you'd be a Romantic - probably with Paul Morphy or Mikhail Tal as your natural role-model!