Friday, 4 March 2016

Game of the Month, March 2016

Yes I know its only March 4th, but I very much doubt we will see a more enjoyable or significant game than this in the next 27 days. Indeed, as Paul said afterwards, this must be a strong candidate for KCC game of the season.

Our Leamington League KO Cup Semi Final against Solihull looked set to be a very close struggle, with the two teams separated by just 3 points on average grade. I had a big ratings edge against Ray Carpenter on Board 3, but Ben was giving away 20 points to Neil Clarke on Board 5 and the other three boards were virtually even. But when Ben blitzed his way to a win in just 21 moves, it swung the match massively in our favour and inspired the rest of us to follow suit, resulting in a quite remarkable 5-0 whitewash of this season's Division 1 front runners. This was definitely a game which was worth more than just a single point to the team. The only thing that annoyed me was that it made my 23 move win look positively pedestrian.

What a great way to get a new website feature up and running. I shall now be on high alert looking for future candidate games for inclusion here. Though don't expect anything quite as explosive as this on a regular basis. And in fact don't expect anything at all on a regular basis. It might say Game of the Month, but it doesn't say Game of the Month Every Month!

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