Friday, 11 November 2016

Something to do with a Brewery?

Now that got your attention!

I was scheduled to play Steve Rumsby on Monday in the individual open rapid KO and I can honestly say that the Chess was completely faultless. So why not publish these masterpieces I hear you say...

Well unfortunately no moves were actually played. My first hint that something might be wrong came when I entered Banbury's RAF venue to a startled look from the regulars (both of them) who told me Banbury didn't play on a Monday. Albeit, individual games did sometimes take place, so surely things were OK.

However, time ticked on and no sign of Steve. I phoned his house. His wife answered. He'd set off for a match. Praise be! Unfortunately, he'd headed to Kenilworth... I rang the Abbey Club and we had a nice chat.

Sadly, in all of our emails arranging the match, which had led to us being completely aligned on the date and start time, neither of us had ever mentioned the venue...

Just the sort of organizational capacity you'd hope for from the League Chairman and Fixtures Secretary...

I fear our re-arranged match will be less faultless in terms of the actual Chess. But I'm hopeful we'll manage to be in the same county and some moves might get played!

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