Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Game of the Month, January 2017

Well, I did warn you all that this feature wouldn't be appearing every month! Even so, I felt slightly embarrassed when I found out the previous episode appeared as long ago as last July. But I soon got over it.

This month's game features our much loved Social Secretary, Carl Pickering, and his recent encounter with Tony Sadler in the A team's match against Solihull B. At the end of the game, Carl wisely took his score-sheet home with him, but Tony - presumably wishing to forget the events of the previous 3 hours, left his lying about. Naturally I swooped on this, as the game -- which had been played out on the next board to me - had been a mind-blowing affair, with which I was sure our silicon friend Fritz would have a field day. I wasn't wrong!

What an epic encounter! Fantastic fighting chess that saw both players down on the canvas and seemingly out for the count several times, before Carl landed a final hay-maker at the death. Never mind the computer evaluations - this was just one of those games that remind us (as if we could ever forget) that chess is rather difficult. At least for us poor humans.

And by way of a tease, I can let you know that I already have another Game of the Month lined up for the near future. And while it can't quite match the sheer excitement of the game above, it will more than make up for that by its capacity to surprise and amaze you!

Watch this space.

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