Thursday, 16 March 2017

Game of the Month, March 2017

Only two months after the previous instalment, I'm pleased to bring you another KCC game of the month, and most appropriately it features our man of the moment, Roy Watson. The game shows the two sides of Roy's play, as he manages to mix the sublime with the absolutely appalling within the space of a few moves. On this occasion Good Roy had the last word, but I think we can all see only too clearly, how Bad Roy can sometimes get the upper hand!

Anyway, the game was played just before Christmas in the C Team's away match against Solihull C, when a spirited 2.5-1.5 win was secured against the (grading) odds.

Vigorous play at the end by Roy, especially for one of such advanced years! There's life in the old dog yet. And talking of old dogs, the next Game of the Month will feature a sensational piece of giant killing by another of our "senior" members. Well worth waiting for, I assure you.

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