Friday, 28 July 2017

Preview - KCC at the 2017 British Championships

One day to go now before the 2017 British Championships get underway at the Venue Cymru in Llandudno. (Could that be any more Welsh?)  KCC will be directly represented there by:-

1) Paul, who is playing in the Championship itself (9 rounds), where he is, at time of writing, ranked 67th out of 102. Just the 13 GMs and 13 IMs for Paul to worry about, and he is highly likely to face one in the very first round,

2) Myself, playing in the Over 50s Championship (7 rounds), where I am ranked 10th out of 33. Number 1 seed just happens to be Grand Master John Nunn, former member of the World Top 10, who would be ranked 5th if he was playing in the main event. I think we can guess who is going to win the Over-50 title. (Clue - its not going to be me.)

3) Ben, putting the rest of us to shame with multiple entries:-

The Under-180 Championship - 5 rounds - ranked 14th of 29
The Morning Open - 5 rounds - ranked 31st of 35
The Rapidplay - 9 rounds - ranked 16th of 37

So Ben will just be playing the 19 games over 6 days. This compares very poorly with Joshua at Warwick University in 2015, when he managed 43 over 12 days. Some people just won't put the effort in, I'm afraid.

A number of Paul's Coventry Chess Academy juniors will be playing in various age group championships, and we wish them well. In particular to David Phillips in the U-14 event, who played once for our D team a season or more back.

As the only two active contributors to this website will be in action, its quite possible that a report or two from North Wales might appear here over the next 10 days. Unless things are going very badly, of course, when a diplomatic silence may well be in order.  Anyway, that will have to do for now. It's time for me to pack my bucket and spade, root out my favourite knotted hanky from the back of the wardrobe and slap on the Factor 50 sunscreen. A week at the British seaside paying chess - what could be better?!

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