Wednesday, 7 February 2018

League leaders just too strong on the night

With Rugby pushing to win the league, they fielded a strong team against our regular B team.

Ben's poor run continued with white getting the better of the opening and a lasting advantage into the middle game. White managed to create some counterplay but it proved to be too little too late with the Bishop and five versus rook and 2 proving just to be too strong.

Mike secured the only points of the evening with a good win against a now unfashionable Queens Indian defence. White central initiative allowed him to win an exchange but had to jettison a pawn in order to activate his rook in the resulting ending. Black chances of drawing the ending were quickly quashed by some excellent play that forced his king into a mating net.

Phil young opponent played a London system that was unfamiliar to black. Taking an opportunity to sacrifice a bishop on h7, white's attack was such that he was able to regain his piece and win a second pawn. After the dust had settled, white's solid play saw him convert his additional material into a win.

Dave played white against a Nimzovitch defence and early play gave him a space advantage on the queen side. However, clever defending by black allowed him to gain equality. With white short of time and ideas, black won a pawn and exchanged off into a rook, bishop and five against rook, knight and four ending. White resigned when he was unable to stop a pawn queening.

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