Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Almost there (for some)!

It's April and so must nearly be the end of the season. Not so this year. The snow in December and January means that there is a backlog of games in Div2 and these delayed fixtures may stretch into May.

Fortunately for the B team, we had been lucky with the winter weather and this was just a scheduled end of season fixture with the aim of not haemorrhaging any more points. Our opponents, Deventry, were also mid table and presumably had much the same objective.

First to finish was Dave playing white against Abbie Stevens. As per the reverse fixture, Dave has a good position out of the opening. However this time a speculative king side sacrifice by black failed to generate sufficient play and once the queens were exchanged the ending was winnable.

Mike's game against Andy Foulds was a complicated affair. However, after a flurry of moves up to the time control, a draw was agreed.

Phil had black against Andy Johnson. During a complicated middle game position, white allowed black to generate a powerful passed d pawn. Unfortunately in trying to win this pawn, white left his queen en-pris.

Ben's game resulted in a long rook and bishop against rook and knight ending. White pawn structure left black with an advntage but a draw was agreed at the time control.

So there it was 3-1 to Kenilworth with one game to go against promotion seeking Banbury C.

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