Thursday, 7 February 2019

Kenilworth's Cup Hopes Stolen - Inside Job Suspected

Two innocent, law abiding Kenilworth citizens, Messrs Donnelly and Shurrock, were ruthlessly robbed of their grading points on Tuesday night, as Coventry came to town and won a KO Cup Quarter Final tie by an apparently crushing 3.5-0.5 points margin. However, given that KCC members scored more points than non-KCC members on the night, there were clearly some suspicious goings on. Indeed, there are strong grounds for thinking that this was an inside job with double agents in action.

Descriptions have been released of two people wanted for questioning by the KCC Vigilantes in connection with this incident. One is a suave, Bohemian character - something of a silver fox - answering to the name of Bernie, and identifiable by distinctive splashes of strong coloured oil paints on his clothing and an overwhelmingly negative view of the human condition. The other is believed to be an academic genius who has adopted an itinerant lifestyle, riding the rails, hobo-style, between London and Manchester, occasionally alighting to wreak chess havoc on the streets of quiet suburban towns. This man, who goes by the aliases of Doctor Josh and Professor Cheapo, should not be approached, as he is a master of deception. He gets himself into a terrible position and once you have been lulled into a feeling of false security, he picks your pocket and makes off with your valuables.

It was a great shame that two such desperadoes should overshadow the record-breaking first team debut of 8 year old Jude Shearsby. And he did not look out of place in such first division company at all. For 40 or 50 moves he more than held his own against (ex-KCC member!) Ed Goodwin, while accumulating a large time advantage. He turned down Ed's draw offer; he avoided (or maybe missed?) a drawing line starting with a Rxg7+ sacrifice; and he was never seemingly in trouble. Unfortunately, though, he mistakenly swapped queens off and went into a single rook ending where Ed was first to get his rook active and Jude's weak pawns started to fall off. Just as well for Ed that he won this game, as I wouldn't give much for his chances this time next year! Anyway, great effort Jude.

Somehow, we didn't lose 4-0, as I went from better to much worse to losing against Dave Ireland in a  few moves around the time control. We got down to a rook and knight v rook ending, where I was the one without a knight. This is a relatively easy draw, but unfortunately Dave managed to hang on to his a pawn, which should have made all the difference. However, running short of time he took the pragmatic decision to liquidate to a draw to bring the match to a conclusion. And we were well and truly out of the cup.

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