Thursday, 6 June 2019

From the Archives - Part 2, 1976-77

And back we go for a further delve into KCC in days of yore...…

September 1976 - at the LDCL AGM we propose the adoption of sudden death play-offs after 30 moves, to avoid adjournments/adjudications. Did our oratory sway the assembled multitude? Almost certainly not, as the topic is back for discussion the following year! What we do know is that there are to be 8 teams in Division 1,  and after Rugby C seemingly withdraw, there are 7 teams in Division 2.  Additionally, we have arranged a Centenary Match (theirs not ours, I guess!) against Rugby for May 1977.

October 1976 - The LDCL is charging us £1.25 for our team in Division 1; £1.00 for Division 2; and £1.00 for the KO Cup. Additionally, we will be charged 5p per member for registration with the Warwickshire Chess Association. Glad I wasn't Treasurer in those high stakes days! Grading news - Bernard is 125J, Bruce 119 and Chris is 115. The club's highest graded player is John Rowley at 151. The highest graded player in the league is A Whitbread of Stratford (190) ahead of Rugby's John Turner (187).

May 1977 - In our second league season, the A team finishes 4th in Division 1 with 50%. Banbury win easily with 21 pts from 14 games. The B team is third in Division 2 with … 50%! Bizarrely, the Club is trying to organise a friendly match against Leeds University. It never happens.

June 1977 - it is KCC AGM time. 12 members attend, but 5 don't. And they couldn't be bothered to send their apologies either. A mystery is solved - the previous AGM was not able to pass the proposed Constitution because of insufficient attendance. But there is no indication that the subject is revisited this year. Bruce reports that membership is static and the Club is not proving attractive to casual players. John Rowley had been the winner of the Club's internal KO cup. The Treasurer reported that the majority of expenditure had been on room hire, but we had managed to buy our first chess clock! (I am now confused - how had we been able to play a full league season? Maybe people brought their own clocks? How very American!) Bruce vacates the Secretary's role, seemingly not very happy at having been lumbered with this the previous year when he was not present! Chris succeeds him. Bernard offers to organise club events. How quaint - a volunteer! I predict that idea did not catch on.

July 1977 - The KWN reports that the club's two teams finished mid-table in Div 1 and Div 2, and that a third team is planned for the following season. Just like now, it seems that they will print anything you send them! Membership entails a "small subscription" plus 40p (20p for those in full time education) per evening. We do something for the Kenilworth Carnival. Quite what, I have no idea!

Now, don't get your hopes up and think this is the end - there are at least two more instalments worth of material in the files. And quite possibly even more. You have been warned!

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