Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Billy Blitzes Belarus!

What a fantastic international debut from the one and only Billy Fellowes in the World Cadet Rapid and Blitz Under 8 Championships last weekend in Minsk, Belarus. In massive fields of over 140 players in each event (including more than 80 Russians!), Billy finished right towards the top of the scoreboard:- 18th= in the Rapid (6/9) and 27th= in the Blitz (5.5/9). In the process Billy earned himself FIDE ratings - at the age of 7! - of 1484 (Rapid) and 1314 (Blitz) and - more importantly - finished both events as not just the highest placed English player, but also the joint highest placed West European!

Billy in Belarus

And he had very tough pairings, too, having to play against Russian opponents in more than half his games. But far from being intimidated by their reputation, he cut a swathe through the most respected chess nation on the planet, scoring a quite phenomenal 7.5/10 against them, with only two losses and seven wins! The only other games he lost over the course of 18 games across the two tournaments, were against players from Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Incredible stuff!!

Both Billy and Jude have performed superbly on the international stage in the last couple of weeks and they should be massively proud of their achievements. The sky really is the limit for them on the chess board. And their coach, the one and only Paul Lam, has every reason to feel more than slightly chuffed with himself, too! A truly great effort, guys. This has been simply sensational stuff.

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