Thursday, 19 September 2019

Summer time is over

All aboard and off we go again. This season Div 2 has a whole new look with only one Kenilworth team. There's also a whole new look to to the C team. After a successful off season recruitment campaign, Some of the old B team are now the C team and are joined by a host of others which leaves the squad looking like Mandela united.

Another member of this illustrious squad is Kenilworth old boy Ed Goodwin. It has been so long since Ed last played for Kenilworth that he can't actually remember anyone else who was there at the time. Welcome back Ed.

Ed was playing on board 1 against Richard Reynolds. With the white pieces and playing a queens pawn game, both sides castled on opposite wings and white rushed the king side with pawns. Richard defended well and forced white back. Fortunately, black then decided to trade queens and offer a drew. Short of time, Ed agreed.

Drago had the black pieces against Richard Liszewski. From a benoni, black to was able to contain the white attack and open attacking lines against the white king. However white defended very well and accurately and arrived at an ending where he was only two pawns down but still had attacking chances. Eventually black got his pieces into active squares and eventually white made a mistake which allowed black to win material.

For most of game Phil had a very good position with a white queens pawn game against Robert Walman attacking on the king side. Unfortunately accurate defensive play by black bought his attack to a halt and then won a pawn. Black advanced his a pawn and pulled white queen away from the centre allowing him to win a central pawn and ultimately the game.

Dave got the award for the luckiest win of the evening with black against Ken Allen. Black has soaked up white's initial pressure and then reached an even position. Seeing that a win was required by the team he played on rather than agreeing a draw. White then managed to regroup and win black's c pawn but at the expense of running short of time. Black then just sat on the position and allowed his active pieces to hold the position and wait for white to run out of time. Ultimately, white lost material and then the game on time.

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