Sunday, 7 June 2020

Game of the Month, June 2020

The more perceptive amongst the KCC readership will have noticed that there hasn't been a Game of the Month for over a year, for which I tender a grovelling apology. But boy, was the wait worthwhile, as I am able to revive the series with an absolute humdinger of a game in which our second youngest member, Jude Shearsby - now having just made it into double figures, age-wise - gives an almighty beating to an American Woman Grand Master sporting a Lichess rating of around 2400.

Now, we don't know for sure who lurks behind the online moniker of Crush09, but it must surely be a reasonable guess that it might be Irina Krush - just the 7-time US women's champion and a fully fledged Grand Master to boot. That would be a truly brilliant scalp.

The game below was part of an 8 game bullet mini-match (1 minute with no increment) on Lichess between Jude and Crush09, which Jude won 4.5-3.5. Admittedly, in three of his wins he was saved by the clock - but that's the whole point of bullet, after all - if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. (Like I do!) Coming out on top over 8 games against such a strong player - whoever she was - ranks as an absolutely tremendous achievement. At the age of 10, for goodness sake!!

And there's absolutely nothing lucky about the Game of the Month, as Jude is about to deliver mate next move when the WGM throws in the towel (Tal?). And remember when you are playing through this - each player had only 60 seconds for the entire game. That needs some seriously quick brain-work, and even faster mouse skills. Right, let the massacre begin!

What a game! And by the way, did I mention that Jude is just 10 years old?! Awesome play, Jude. Absolutely awesome!

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