Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Game of the Month, July 2020

Looking through the previous instalments in this series, I was shocked to discover that I have made less appearances in it than a certain Roy Watson. Which can't be right, on any number of levels.

So, to right this egregious wrong, I have dusted off one of my own games, from an altogether distant past. And not just any game, but one which I have long considered to be amongst the best games I have ever played. In fact, maybe the best.

It was played in New York, two days after my 30th birthday, in a 5 round Swiss played on successive Wednesday nights at The Game Room in Upper Broadway. Amazingly, I came first with 4/5 (including a half point bye) winning the princely sum of $100 (and given that sterling was having a very bad time of it around then, that was not far off £100.)

My opponent subsequently became an IM, and was the top seed in the tournament with a USCF rating of 2388 at the time, so this was a very satisfying win for me. Especially when you see the way it happened!

* This is the 12th instalment in the Game of the Month series, and the roll call of appearances now reads:-

Andy B 3 (+2 -1)
Mark 2 (+2)
Roy 2 (+1 -1)
Ben 1 (+1)
Bernard C 1 (+1)
Carl 1 (+1)
David P 1 (-1)
Jude 1 (+1)

Given current levels of OTB activity, I suspect I may soon be at the top of this leader board, faute de mieux. (Look it up!!)

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