Saturday, 15 August 2020

Kenilworth online chess ratings (June/July 2020)

For reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with laziness on my part, we will be combing online club ratings for the Months of June and July. A reminder, though surely by now it shouldn't be needed, that this is based solely on rated games played between club members in the months of June and July, with previous ratings not mattering, and everything being calculated from scratch. I stress the importance of the word rated there - anyone who is unhappy with their position should consider why they decided to play some of their games as casual.

A word on the players present first. New additions or returns to the list for this period were Andy Ward, Ed Goodwin and Roy Watson. It looks as though those last two may only have been temporary in their attendance, but I think we can all agree that is at least as much their loss as it is our gain. Two losses from the list were Ben (though he will be back in August) and Algys, who is officially resident in another country now (though that hasn't stopped Lionel, so perhaps it isn't really an acceptable excuse at all.

Two additional decisions also had to be made this month. I have, in my great wisdom, decided that atomic chess does not count for rated purposes (if it did, Andy Ward would be considerably higher up the list) but that ultra-bullet chess does count (more on the importance of that below). Anyone wishing to appeal these decisions should apply to Gavin Williamson, since he is going to be getting plenty of practice at addressing those in the near future.

Anyway, enough prelude, and on to more important things.

Most active player

A comprehensive victory for Jude these months, with a total of 87 games played against fellow club members. This is the point where ultra-bullet chess makes its first important appearance, since this is heavily composed of the 57 games of ultra-bullet chess he played against Paul. I think I can reasonably confidently state that is more games than the rest of the club combined have ever played.

Most welcoming player

A new award this month, but I felt it was important to recognise capitalist Bernard (as Mark assures me he prefers to be known) as the only person in the club to have played at least one game against all other active club members this month. It's almost as if he cycles around everyone he can find until he beats somebody. 

Most points scored

Remember those 57 games of ultra-bullet chess I was talking about. Well, it turns out Paul is (comparatively) rubbish at ultra-bullet chess, so Jude scored a total of 41 points from those games, meaning he also wins this awards as well, with a grand total of 61.5 points (almost twice this next highest score).

Overall ratings (with changes from the previous month)

Just keep remembering those 57 games of ultra-bullet chess

Jude Shearsby (+4)
Mark Page (-1)
Andy Ward (new entrant, provisional rating as less than 10 games played)
Joshua Pink (-1)
Paul Lam (-3)
Bernard Rogers (0)
Ed Goodwin (new entrant, provisional rating as less than 10 games played)
Andy Baruch (-1)
Bernard Charnley (0)
Roy Watson (new)
Matthew Smiglarski (0)
Lionel Riou-Durand (-5, provisional rating as less than 10 games played)

In summation, Paul, stop playing ultra-bullet chess with Jude. It's making you come out as a worse player than me, and if that isn't sufficient motivation, I don't know what will be.

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