Saturday, 28 October 2017


Which coincidentally happens to be the title of a very interesting book by Norman Ohler about drug use in Nazi Germany, which I just finished reading less than a week ago.

But in this case, I'm not planning to speculate about the narcotic intake (or not) of chess players. Instead, here is a blitz game played last Thursday evening at The Gauntlet between myself and Roy - in which Roy got completely blitzed! A certain modest alcohol consumption had taken place by the time this game took place (the beer was especially good last Thursday!); the game was of no competitive significance; and it was all over in considerably less than 10 minutes, but nevertheless it was a very enjoyable experience for the player of the White pieces. It would be a shame not to share it with a wider audience!

Strangely, I couldn't recall the moves from the two games I subsequently lost that same evening against Phil, as otherwise I would have been only too pleased to publish those games instead of a crushing win for me. After all, modesty is my middle name - or at least it could be if my middle initial was an M!

Anyway - see what fun is to be had at The Gauntlet on a Thursday evening! And if you consent to lose a quick game against me, you can even end up having your efforts recorded for posterity and shared across the world. Now that's what I call an incentive to come along!

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