Monday, 23 October 2017

Game of the Month, October 2017

Never mind showing us all these games by other club members, what we want is one of your own masterpieces, Mark. Is what non-one has been saying to me, but I'm sure that has just been an oversight and that deep down you are all desperate to see another example of my mastery of the chessboard. And since it has now been officially decided by no less a judge than Richard Weaving that I played the Best Game in the Leamington League last season (beating off masses of competition in the form of a whole four other submitted games - another of my own efforts; a game by Nigel Byrne; one by Jason Madden and one by Peter Stiff), it seems obvious which game I should present to you.

A fairly easy game to understand. Black played for a crude kingside attack; white co-operated by being far too passive, and a pleasing and not too common rook, knight and pawn mate concluded the evening's entertainment. What's not to like?!

Anyway, just remember that I am constantly on the lookout for good - correction, exciting - games played by KCC members for future Game of the Month articles. So could somebody please play an exciting game or two!!

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