Monday, 26 March 2018

Beware of teams facing relegation

We had been hoping to repeat our score against Solihull C. Unfortunately the spectre of relegation had galvanised Solihull into sheer tenacity.

Ben was an exchange up in his ending but his opponent Paul Smith and managed to lock down the position so tightly that anything that black might try would have probably led to a loss. Game drawn.

Mike was playing John Green who came out fighting. Unfortunately some inaccurate oppening play led black to get himself tied up without hope of developing his light squared bishop. White not only won this piece but also emerged into the ending with extra material.

Phil was playing black against Rob Anderton. Well I think it was Rob, but the style of play wasn't Rob at all. Sacrificing a knight on g6 to open up black's king side was probably unsound but it did provide a number of tactical oppertunities. White converted one of these into a win.

Dave had white against Dennis Horsley. Black opted to push his pawns on both flanks but eventually had to castle king side. White managed to infiltrate the king side with queen and knight and win whites's e pawn. Once the queens were exchanged, the ending should have been straight forward. Unfortunately, some carless play by white and excellent defending by black meant that the point was shared.

So that was it, match drawn. So only a single point for Kenilworth and worse still (for Kenilworth C) a point for Solihull.

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