Monday, 26 March 2018

Long evening in the snow and the rain

Once the snow had finished with Kenilworth, the rain took over. When we got to Whythall we found that they still had both.

Ben's game with white was a long and complex sicilian agisnt Gordon Christie. Eventually this simplified and petered out to a draw.

Mike's game against John Freeman was a two score sheet affair. Black got to the ending with an extra pawn but even by playing 70 or more moves, he wasn't able to win the minor piece ending. Game drawn.

Phil played Frank Jimenez with the white pieces. White's opening advantage left him with an extra pawn in rook and minor piece ending which he eventually won.

Dave was playing Kim Gilbert with black. Both players chose irregular variations of the English e4 opening line. Unfortunaltey whilst paying attention to the longer term white missed the cheaper tatics on offer and reached an ending an exchange down. Black managed to establish a rook on the seventh with ultimately allowed him to win.

A long return trip in the rain was enjoyed by all especially the closure of amount three miles of the A46.

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