Thursday, 20 December 2018

A Star Shines in Stratford

On the same day Mourinho was given the push, under the somewhat less illustrious leadership of yours truly, on Tuesday it was Stratford D v Ken D at Stratford's very new and very posh venue. Easily the best venue in the league.

And that night, it was not just over Bethlehem that a new star was shining brightly!

First to finish was the one and only Billy Fellowes - White on board three. Aged seven - yes seven - he tore his opponent (Simon Payne) to pieces with a London System, playing it as if Mr Lam was stood next to him telling him what to play. Frightening! I saw the first half-dozen moves - which were played impeccably. I next looked 20 mins later - Billy was a knight and two pawns up! Massive grin on his face in the direction of his dad. But another hour before the game finished in the face of some dogged defence by Black.

Next to finish was me, playing very poorly in a exchange variation of the queens gambit against William Langley, White on board one. Utterly boring. I lost comfortably because I did not follow through consistently on any one plan

Upon my resignation, Chris Adlridge agreed a draw with Richard Buxton. I did not follow the game but Chris must have been reading Joshua's earlier blogg. Five pawn moves in the first six in an original opening from Chris.
1.5-1.5 was the final result.

Not great but, still, a better result than Mourinho has been managing! Ken D looks forward to the New Year almost certainly in better spirits than leaderless Man U.

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