Sunday, 30 December 2018

Christmas Quiz 2018 - the Answers

For the sake of good order, here are the answers to the 50 anagrams of Grand Masters I left you with in this year's Christmas Quiz. As they could all readily be found in the list of the current top 100 rated players in the world (here for example), and as I gave more clues than you would find in an Agatha Christie novel, there's not really any reason why everyone shouldn't have scored full marks.  So let's just assume that everyone did and move on!

My personal favourites were numbers 10 and 40, even though I made a personal appearance in 28 and 47. I guess 20 and 37 were the least flattering, but as my own name is an anagram of Krap Game, I probably have more to be upset about than anyone!

Anagram Grand Master Country
1 Exhaling dark curse Alexander Grischuk 9,8 Russia
2 Rain I sigh Anish Giri 5,4 Netherlands
3 Moth necked anon Anton Demchenko 5,9 Russia
4 Staid anarchy kid Arkady Naiditsch 6,9 Azerbaijan
5 Ben, maim ass Bassem Amin 6,4 Egypt
6 Grand foibles Boris Gelfand 5,7 Israel
7 Avoid bun lid Daniil Dubov 6,5 Russia
8 Held avid owl David Howell 5,6 England
9 Red lining Ding Liren 4,5 China
10 A dim tiny drinker Dmitry Andreikin 6,9 Russia
11 Tom in jerky vodka Dmitry Jakovenko 6,9 Russia
12 I overtake sinner Ernesto Inarkiev 7,8 Russia
13 Entice baronet Etienne Bacrot 7,6 France
14 Heavens veto sky gym Evgeny Tomashevsky 6,11 Russia
15 Berserk fence Ferenc Berkes 6,6 Hungary
16 I egg librarians ass Gabriel Sargissian 7,10 Armenia
17 Various edging Gadir Guseinov 5,8 Azerbaijan
18 A neon jigsaw Gawain Jones 6,5 England
19 Khaki rum, an aura Hikaru Nakamura 6,8 USA
20 A niche champion nit Ian Nepomniachtchi 3,14 Russia
21 Love a king rook Igor Kovalenko 4,9 Latvia
22 A sin vicar Ivan Saric 4,5 Croatia
23 Trunks of jazzy dad Jan Krzysztof Duda 3,9,4 Poland
24 Quell enigma Le Quang Liem 2,5,4 Vietnam
25 Real onion van Levon Aronian 5,7 Armenia
26 Make lunches Luke McShane 4,7 England
27 Gunmen rascals Magnus Carlsen 6,7 Norway
28 Marks rug rage Markus Ragger 6,6 Austria
29 Thwarted males Matthew Sadler 7,6 England
30 Exclaim, via grave harem Maxime Vachier-Lagrave 6,7,7 France
31 A chisel madam Michael Adams 7,5 England
32 Sanguine drills Nils Grandelius 4,10 Sweden
33 Halt a hair spinnaker Pentala Harikrishna 7,11 India
34 Eke petrol Peter Leko 5,4 Hungary
35 Divert lepers Peter Svidler 5,7 Russia
36 Rosy baron Ray Robson 3,6 USA
37 Trap horrid crap Richard Rapport 7,7 Hungary
38 Unshaken small ad Samuel Shankland 6,9 USA
39 Gas jerkier Yank Sergey Karjakin 6,8 Russia
40 My hairy aardvarks home Shakhriyar Mamedyarov 10,10 Azerbaijan
41 Bait army ant Tamir Nabaty 5,6 Israel
42 Jarred via bum too Teimour Radjabov 7,8 Azerbaijan
43 Vanish lucky visa Vassily Ivanchuk 7,8 Ukraine
44 Involves top ale Veselin Topalov 7,7 Bulgaria
45 Wants an avian hand Viswanathan Anand 11,5 India
46 Evil deformed visa Vladimir Fedoseev 8,8 Russia
47 Dim Mark - rival kin Vladimir Kramnik 8,7 Russia
48 Rival medieval vats Vladislav Artemiev 9,8 Russia
49 A new guy Wang Yue 4,3 China
50 Owls eyes Wesley So 6,2 USA

Since publication of the quiz on Christmas Eve, number 7 has become World Rapid Champion (ahead of 40 and 19) and - less surprisingly - number 27 has retained his World Blitz title in stunning fashion ahead of 23 and 19.

But that's enough quizzing for 2018, so all that remains is to wish a Happy New Year to all our readers.

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