Wednesday, 3 April 2019

A step closer to promotion

The match against Shirley was important for two reasons. Firstly, winning would take us to within one point of promotion and secondly it would prevent the gap between our C team and Shirley from widening any further.

The match didn't get of to the best start with Phil losing early on against Gordon Christie. From a promising looking position, a error by black lost a pawn and weakened his position to the point of collapse.

Dave was playing white against Fred Dickson in a Scandinavian Defence. The early middle game was fairly even but then black stopped playing actively and allowed white to build up pressure on the king side and get his pieces onto more active squares. This forced black to shore up his position and get his pieces onto the correct squares to defend the king side. With nothing moving and white reluctant to push any further forward, a draw was agreed.

Ben won two pawns in the opening and exchanged into a rook and pawn ending with an advantage. Although it was initially difficult to make progress in the ending, black engineered a way to get his king in amongst white king side pawn. White resigned when the loss of further pawns was inevitable.

Mike's game against Dave Thomas was by far the most interesting game. White used an unusual move order that black allowed transposition into an unfavourable line of the Benko gambit. Whilst black regrouped his pieces, white launched a central attack that left black with weakened pawns which white then set about winning. With three seconds left and three pawn and an exchange in deficit, black resigned.

So that was it, a successful evening and now Banbury B can only equal our score at best. One point from the next two games and we win the league.

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