Thursday, 4 April 2019

The Kenilworth Chess Club Grand National - Runners and Riders

Most of you will know that besides chess, horse racing is my other great passion. So as interest builds towards the 2019 running of the self-proclaimed "World's Greatest Horse Race" (that's the Grand National if you didn't know!), at Aintree on April 6th (this coming Saturday, as I write), I thought it would be fun if we could have our very own KCC Grand National.

So from the thousands of racehorses that have performed over the years, I have manged to assemble a field in which each horse has an association - some closer than others! - through its name with a member of KCC. So every one of our current members will have a runner in the great race. Some of these horses have long passed on; some are retired; and some never competed in a steeplechase in their lives, but all of them did at some time take part in either a National Hunt race (fences, hurdles or bumper) or a Point to Point race. Some of these horses were quite good; a few were very good indeed; and some were pretty useless. A bit like KCC - except that none of us are very good indeed, of course!

Below you will find the runners and riders for the race, and then sometime next week - after the real event has taken place - I'll report on the KCC version, and one club member will have the proud distinction of winning the Grand National! Who will it be?? The clues are all there, of course!

Here we go, then, with the horses in alphabetical order. Find your horse and cross your fingers for luck.

      Horse                                                Rider
1    Ballyandy                                         Andy Baruch
2    Baltic Magic                                     Algirdas Toleikis
3    Banjo Paterson                                 Andrew Paterson
4    Beer Goggles                                    Dave Shurrock
5    Ben Nevis                                         Ben Graff
6    Bernard                                             Bernard Charnley
7    Bold Carl                                          Carl Pickering
8    Captain Chris                                    Chris Aldridge
9    Captain Stuart                                   Stuart Blaiklock
10  Corrupt Accountant*                         Bernard Rogers
11  Diamond Joshua                              Joshua Pink
12  Dr Donnelly                                      Mike Donnelly
13  Hello Steve                                       Steve Payne
14  Impish Jude                                      Jude Shearsby
15  Just Bruce                                         Bruce Holland
16  Kicking King                                     Tony King
17  Magical Morris                                 William Morris
18  Mathew                                             Matt Smiglarski
19  Mighty Mark                                      Mark Page
20  Mr Johnson                                       Mike Johnson
21  Mr Watson                                        Roy Watson
22  Nicky Nutjob**                                  Nick Mottram
23  Paul Superstar                                   Paul Lam
24  Philip's Woody                                  Phil Wood
25  Puffin' Billy                                        Billy Fellowes
26  Sizing John                                       John Ambler
27  Smart Teacher                                  Andy Ward
28  Ukrainian Star                                   Nick Fesenko
29  Webmaster                                        Rod Webb

*  This in no way implies any professional impropriety by our esteemed Chairman! If there had ever been a horse called Honest Accountant, I would obviously have chosen that instead.
** This in no way calls into question the mental stability of our esteemed Club Doctor! If there had ever been a horse called Nicky Completely Normal, I would have obviously have chosen that instead.

The 29 runners are lined up on the start line. The tension is palpable. Place your bets and ……. watch this space for the race commentary and the result!

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