Thursday, 4 July 2019

The Worst Game of Chess Ever Played?

I realise that it's been rather heavy going on the Club website recently - all this historical stuff and reports of League AGMs can get more than a bit turgid. So how about a little light relief, in the shape of what could be one of the worst games of chess ever played?!

I was, of course, one of the participants and my partner in crime on this night of shame was Dave Thomas of Shirley. Now Dave, as most of you will know, is one of the nicest guys around and also one of England's leading arbiters and administrators, so it pains me to show him in a slightly less favourable light like this. But this was clearly not his usual standard of play, and I hope that Dave would agree that the publication of the game should be of great value to English chess if it prevents even one person from playing so badly in future!

I had better get my own excuse in now, before anyone actually sees the game. I had arrived back from a business trip to Singapore earlier the same day, so I am claiming that I was badly affected by jet-lag. And I guess Dave had travelled all the way from Birmingham to Leamington (yes, I was still playing for our neighbours in those days!) by train, so he was probably suffering from much the same issue as me!

Anyway, here it is - the Immortal Jet-Lag Game

So, the gauntlet has been thrown down - anyone who thinks they have played a worse game than this must now accept the challenge and reveal all!

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