Tuesday, 22 October 2019

First loss of the season

It all started quite well with Leamington A only having three of their regular players. However, last years relegated team is still quite strong on the top three boards.

Dave won fairly quickly against Friso Jansen with the white pieces. Black had emerged from the opening a rook down. Despite efforts to try and hold the position together, further pieces were exchanged leaving an easy ending.

Phil looked to have quite a good position against Rob Gill. However, whilst the rook ending looked good for black, Phil was unable to make progress and a draw was agreed.

Lionel had the most lively game of the evening against Tom Darling. An unusual line of the French defence, Milner Barry gambit variation left him with the opportunity to go two pawns up after the knights had been exchanged. However, the positions was not without complexity and risk. Tom played well to generate some counter play and unfortunately a miscalculation left white with an excellent attack. Tom finished off with an subtle queen sacrifice to mate black.

Jude had to play an exceptionally long game against Andy Collins.This in itself is extremely difficult for someone so young. An even game resulted in a rook and minor piece ending where white had advanced central pawns and black advanced queen side pawns. Black managed to shore up his king side and infiltrate whites queen side with his knight. With both sides very short of time, black succeeded in blocking white's passed pawn and promoted his own.

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