Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Temporary standin captain Dave

With the regular captain on foreign shores, it fell to Dave to be captain for a night against Olton, presumably as some sort of compensation for not being able to play in team that he had helped to get promoted the previous season.

Jude was the first to finish with a fairly quick draw against Dave Costelow with the black pieces. Black had looked to have quite a comfortable position and the draw offer was made by white.

Mike was playing Alan Lloyd and followed a line for which he had played nanny times against highly qualified correspondence opposition and reached an even position having only used two minutes. White attempted to unsettle the position with a pawn sacrifice but was Mike was able to return the material and reach an even position from which a draw was agreed when white was running short of time and patience.

Joshua was playing Phil Holt with white pieces. A surprise move order (for Phil anyway) led eventually to an even position. However, a tactical mistake by black allowed white to gain an initiative and black was force to jettison a pawn in order to hold on to the position. A well time draw offer was accepted when the match was swinging in Kenilworth's favour.

Dave managed to obtain a good position against some passive play by Mark Cundy with white. Unfortunately Mark just seemed to get his pieces onto the wrong squares in order to hold the position. A rook sacrifice saw Dave forcing mate.

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  1. Dave is being all too modest here, since his decisive victory gave us one of our finest results for many a year - the B team beating reigning (and perennial) champions Olton A is a massive achievement. I have certainly been on the receiving end as our A team lost against Olton B (probably more than once!) so it is a sign of how far we have moved forwards as a club that the boot was, for once, on the other foot this time! Well done to everyone involved in this epic victory.