Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Coventry Online League - Week 3

Rapid chess matches should get rapid reports, so here we go!

Kenilworth B v Warwick University B

The B team kicked the week off with a 2-6 reverse on Monday night. But what turned into a big defeat should have been a drawn match - at least. Artistic Bernard had two totally winning positions on Board 1, but ended up with zero points. It was agonising to watch, but doubtless absolutely excruciating to actually play. Ben's miserable start to the season continued, as he also went down 2-0 on Board 2. He failed to hold a slightly worse ending in Game 1, but collapsed badly in the second and self destructed spectacularly by hanging a rook. The team was rounded out by our two seasonal debutants, Dave and William, who had contrasting fortunes. Will found himself on Board 3, and played a very respectable first game, but went astray in time trouble and lost material. In Game 2 he got a piece trapped and went down in the ending. Dave, sporting a totally ridiculous rating, had no trouble exploiting his superiority on Board 4. He steadily built up an edge in Game 1 with Black, before taking pawn after pawn, but Game 2 was very violent, with an early Bxh7+ followed up by a quick mate.

Kenilworth A v Sutton Coldfield

Club honour was restored last night, as the A team chalked up a 7-1 win. We possibly got lucky as our opponents were clearly below strength compared to last week - when they had slaughtered Warwick Uni A 8-0!

Mike led the way on Board 3, with 2 ridiculously quick wins. In the first, his opponent dropped his queen on move 9 to a one move combo, while in the second he dropped his queen on move 12 to a no move combo!  (Taking Mike's score for the season to 6-0!) Billy didn't hang around on Board 4, either, picking up various spare pieces in both games before delivering mate - particularly quickly in Game 2 with Black. I also scored 2-0 on Board 2. In Game 1, I won 2 pawns and wrecked the Black position after very few moves, but then lost the thread before getting my act together again to deliver mate to the exposed Black king. Game 2 was pretty uneventful for some time, but then the White pawns became vulnerable. My opponent tried a desperate piece sac, but I just took the material and was able to win relatively comfortably in the end. Andy came close to winning with Black on Board 1 in Game 1, but his extra pawn wasn't enough. Game 2 was a quick draw, which sealed the match victory for us. And enabled him to go and watch the footy, as well!

The action continues next week, with the B team taking on Sutton Coldfield, while the A team are up against Shirley A. Squad rotation will again be in evidence!

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