Thursday, 8 October 2020

Points Per Game Mean Prizes!

A glorious double triumph for KCC - in the space of a few nano-seconds last night, we were declared winners of the 2019-20 Leamington League Division 1 and Division 2 titles!! I doubt the club has ever had such a magnificent evening. Without having to move even a single pawn!

The wise burghers of the League decided that rather than just throw the unfinished season onto the scrapheap of history, divisional winners would be decided based on points per game - an entirely reasonable decision given that many teams had only one or two matches still left to complete their fixtures. And, of course, this was the decision taken in various other sporting competitions, such as the EFL Divisions 1 and 2.

When the League was suspended Kenilworth A sat proudly atop Division 1, with 18 points from 11 matches - a point clear of Banbury A (12 matches) and Olton A (11 matches) - so the maths was pretty simple and our 1.636 points per match had won us our 11th League title. Purists might point out that we still had to play the teams in 2nd, 3rd and 5th positions, and if I was from Banbury or Olton, I would definitely feel slightly aggrieved at being denied the chance to make up the lost points. But we were due a break having been runners up 4 times since our last victory in 2014 - twice by a single point! Many congratulations to those who piled up the points and helped us to our triumph - Pink, Page, Baruch, Donnelly, Phillips, Charnley and Riou-Durand. Heroes all!

And then, remarkably, another title fell into our possession when the C team were declared winners of Division 2. At the end of play, we were 2 points adrift of Banbury B, but with no less than 3 matches in hand, so our points per match score of 1.333 actually put us "comfortably" ahead of their 1.273. ( A low scoring/equally matched division!) So hot on the heels of our B team's 2018-19 title triumph, the C team have followed up 12 months later. Even though the last thing we wanted was to get yet another team promoted to Division 1! We just don't know our own strength. So many congratulations to the C team heroes - Wood, Shearsby, Zarev, Shurrock, Goodwin, Riou-Durand, Watson and Rogers!  And especial mention to Captain Dave Shurrock, who - Guardiola like - steered both the B and C teams to the Division 2 title in consecutive seasons. A truly amazing achievement, Dave.

And if anyone is interested (we must have an anorak or two in the club besides me?) Division 3 went to Solihull C (1.8 pts per match) and Division 4 to Stratford C (1.786 pts per match).

The Stanley Gibbins trophy went to Banbury's IM, James Jackson with 8.5/9. Not bad on Board 1 of Division 1, though if I had found a not too difficult perpetual check he would have "only" got 8/9! Very honourable mentions to 2 of Kenilworth's finest - Joshua with 9.5/11 and Will with a perfect, but not enough games, 5/5!

Well, we've certainly now got reasons enough for an end of season celebration club dinner. Shame it's not allowed. But one day.......I'm sure our Social Secretary is already planning something suitably spectacular!

And, in the circumstances, there can only be one song to play us out.  Sing along - you know you want to!

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