Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A game of four halves

In recent match reports I have managed to incorrectly spell the word brewery whilst describing an individual game that I turned up at the wrong venue for; and followed this up in the next one by forgetting which team I represented whilst describing a game that I lost. (Thank goodness you can re-edit!) At least my result was a little better last night, even if Mark is doubtless scanning these words with a degree of trepidation...

So, it was the last B team game of 2016 and we were at home to Olton B. Mike Johnson went through the usual agonies re team selection, which following a lot of deliberation no doubt, ended with the same four being sent out to do battle as in every other match. So it was that Graff, Donnelly, Wood and Shurrock set out to try and preserve our position at the top of the table.

Having built the suspense up nicely, I have to say that this was about as exciting as it got. My game with Gary Hope fizzled out quickly and Mike's game with Robert Wallman did likewise. Many thanks to Mike for turning out whilst juggling a lot of other things - it did make a difference. Phil's game against Richard Reynolds and Dave's against Andrew Cottom both looked to be in drawish endgames too, by the time the top Boards were done. Maybe something dramatic happened after I left, but I wasn't remotely surprised to see this morning that they'd both also ended in draws.

So, one point for us rather than two. But that's enough to leave us outright top, one point ahead of our own C team and Solihull C (who have a game in hand.) We've really ground out the victories in the first part of the season, with 2.5 - 1.5 results against Kenilworth C and Daventry A, with a 3-1 against Solihull C to add to the draw last night and a narrow defeat to Shirley.

So all to play for in the New Year! 2016 has seen Leicester City, Brexit and Donald Trump. Who knows, perhaps the story of 2017 will be the B team in Division 1!

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