Thursday, 15 December 2016

Well who would have thought it...

On Tuesday we managed to secure our first win in the Coventry League Divisional Cup, after two previous outings that we try not to talk about.

Inspired captaincy played its part. I dropped myself....

The logic being that we had a five man squad and are rotating and I was in London in the day. Fair to say my other half was still fairly astonished, but it seemed to do the trick!

Thanks to Dave who was captain on the night for sending me some notes.

News travels fast in this League. Just as Rugby must have guessed that Roy Watson was our Board 4 a couple of weeks ago and therefore resolved not to take him on, Nuneaton similarly capitulated. Mark - any chance of posting more pictures of the rest of us hanging out with Super GMs? The fear Roy is inspiring in opponents is starting to get out of hand and it might be that after Christmas we need to get him either another name or a disguise, to ensure he actually gets a game...

Still we took this Christmas gift and a 1 - 0 lead with glee. Well done Roy. If only the games where you play some moves could be as successful.

On Board 3 Mr Kearney seemed to also be in the Christmas spirit against Dave. As Dave described it, Kearney played an unambitious queens pawn opening which left him with a very passive position. When he overlooked a pin and lost a piece on move 24, he resigned. Mike then roared backed to winning ways on Board 2 against Anthony Green. Dave said "Mike's queens pawn opening left him completely in control of the middle game. Both sides had castled on opposite wings but it seemed that it was only Mike that was attacking. When finally an ending was reached, white was completely dominant and black resigned without even trying to play it."

Dave awarded Carl the "unluckiest player of the evening award." Playing the very highly rated P Briggs, Dave said of Carl's game "following the conclusions of an irregular opening, black's position was cramped but playable. However white was playing so slowly that he was 40 mins behind on the clock. In fairness to the Nuneaton player, he played quite well to play his remaining 15 moves and keep hold of the middle game. The ending that was reached left white with an isolated queen side majority which he was able to capitalise upon."

So some real Christmas cheer! Matching the dizzy heights of our Leamington form still remains some way off - but at last some points on the Board in this one....

I rotate back into the team next time out. But Coventry A - if you are reading be under no illusions. Roy is playing too!

Happy Christmas everyone!

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