Sunday, 21 May 2017

Graves of Famous Non-Chess Players - Number 1 in a Series of ....?

For the time being I've run out of famous chess players' graves, so when I unexpectedly came across the grave of a famous non-chess player while on holiday the other week, I thought it was a sign that I should move on to another KCC website series. But clearly, just any old famous person won't do at all on a serious chess blog like this. There has to be a connection of some kind to justify their inclusion.

So to kick things off, I present the impressive tomb of Henry Fielding (1707-1754). Most famously he was the author of Tom Jones, the first great English novel - which just happened to be the subject of my dissertation at university. Instant qualification for this blog post!

Fielding died in Lisbon at the age of just 47 and is buried there in the graveyard of St George's Church (also known as the English Cemetery.) The place is not too dissimilar to those atmospheric Victorian cemeteries in London which house the graves of so many great chess players, albeit rather less wild and overgrown. Perhaps not surprisingly, Mrs Club Organiser and myself were the only tourists present on a pleasant Sunday morning in May. Surely all these cemetery visits don't mean I'm weird, do they??

Anyway, I promise to return to chess matters next time!

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