Tuesday, 2 May 2017

NEWSFLASH - KO Cup Victory!!

A miraculous victory for Kenilworth tonight in the Leamington League Open KO Cup Final! We triumphed on tie break (board elimination) after a dramatic and eventful 2.5-2.5 tie with Olton. There were wins for myself and Paul and a draw for Ben, while Andrew and Carl bit the dust. Remarkably Black scored 4.5/5!

Paul's Cup-clinching victory over Phil Holt on Board 1 was truly epic and came after Paul offered a draw with the match score at 2.5-1.5 to Olton - only for Phil to turn it down!! Neither player had a clue what was happening in the match, which was just as well for us!

A full match report will follow in a day or so. I'm catching a plane at 7.00 tomorrow morning, so Ben will do the honours on that score. Hopefully the Social Secretary is already working on the celebration dinner!

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