Monday, 1 May 2017

I'm In The Money!

Despite perennial champion Phil Holt being absent, Olton once again annexed the 2017 LDCL blitz championship, courtesy of a remarkable 9/9 performance from Alan Lloyd. I managed to pocket the princely sum of £7 (yesssss!!) for coming second with 7/9, but as the number 1 seed, I felt this was definitely an opportunity missed. However, I guess I'm simply not as sharp as I used to be. (And I wasn't that sharp even then!)

Other KCC members who threw their hats in the ring were Ben (5.5 pts); Dave (5 pts) and Mike J (4.5 pts), so everyone scored 50% or better. This now brings the number of KCC second places to Olton to 3 this season!

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