Sunday, 29 July 2018

A Golden Day for the CCA!

What a day at the British Championships in Hull for Paul's junior stars from the Coventry Chess Academy on Saturday! When the smoke cleared after a frantic couple of days activity, CCA members had won two national age group titles (U-9, Rohan Pal and U-9 Girls, Elis Dicen), finished second in another (U-11, Manvith Sandhu) and come within a whisker of another second place in the U-9s, with our very own Jude Shearsby.

Paul's achievements in developing chess in Coventry and Warwickshire have already defied belief, but these stunning successes on the national stage are a massive payback for all his selfless devotion to the cause. If he is not the proudest man in England today, and rightly so, I'll be very surprised. And in turn, Kenilworth Chess Club can be very proud of him.

You can read Paul's first hand report of the CCA achievements here. If we are lucky, when he comes down to earth, we may even get some first hand reflections on all this from the man himself. And congratulations to Roy as well, for all the hours he puts in coaching and supporting the Academy kids, and taking some of the workload off Paul's shoulders. 

Fingers crossed for more good news today, as Jude and Elis are both in action again, in the U-8s - yes, their achievements yesterday were against older kids!

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