Monday, 23 July 2018

Fame! I'm Gonna Live Forever!

Would you credit it?! Two KCC members have their photos in the August edition of Chess magazine. I have to admit that the one of Ben is rather more impressive, especially as it accompanies a two page article he has written about his debut book, "Find Another Place". Meanwhile, in a quite different photo, I can be found skulking in the background, as I take on Jim Plaskett in the recent England 1 v England 2 encounter at the World 50+ Team Championships. You need to look closely, but I am there - honest!

And if this was not enough, this very same August edition of Chess also includes a photo of Leamington's Jason Madden in  chess action, together with a letter from Phil Wood's brother Chris, who has occasionally been along to the club when visiting from Germany.

I am going to try not to let this new celebrity change my life, and I hope the others will also just carry on as before. Now, form an orderly queue for autographs. And most importantly, "Remember my name!"

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