Monday, 30 July 2018

Another Day, Another British Champion!

Paul must be in dreamland.

Yesterday one of his CCA students, Elis Dicen was the sole winner of the British Girls' U-8 title with a fantastic score of 4.5/6, losing only to the new Champion, Harry Zheng, who scored 6/6. So on consecutive days, Elis won two British girls' titles, having tied for the U-9 prize on Saturday. And she'll still be eligible for the U-8s next year!! She certainly knows how to play, as poor Roy will confirm after his chastening experience in a training game last Wednesday. Though the less said about that particular evening the better for all of us.....

Jude had another terrific event, and was on top board in the last round, though having dropped a half point previously, he had to win to claim the U-8 title. It wasn't to be and he finished in a tie for 4th place, which was still a terrific achievement - like Elis, he lost only to the new title holder.

Somewhat further up the age bands, Ben was seemingly inspired by the success of the CCA raiding party, and finished unbeaten in the Weekend Open, despite being out-graded in every round. TPRs of 176 ECF and 2021 ELO are just what the doctor ordered after a below-par season.  Now, after 5 draws over the weekend, all he needs to do is remember how to win a game and his rehabilitation will be complete!

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