Saturday, 12 January 2019

Better Never Than Late

Yet another unglory match. The score line, depression and psychological aversion to bad news probably accounts for the lateness of my report. I'd like to say 'better late than never' but the content does not justify this. Only Jude managed to get anything at all. The teams comments are as follows:-

Not sure what happened here. I was fortunate enough to get myself into a completely winning position having outplayed my opponent until the late middle game (honest! Paul says so and that's good enough for me.) I got a an attack going on the queenside and also won the h- pawn. Unfortunately I made a terrible exchange after which the now open h-file provided the basis for a kingside counter-attack by my opponent which proved more effective than mine.

I did not see much of William's game. It looked fairly stodgy and although a pawn down William seemed to be doing OK - until he lost another. Hey ho!

Jude :-
Jude played the London System and “early on, sacrificed a pawn to start an attack which left me with an open position. My opponent forced the trade of queens later on in the game. In the endgame I had a three on two pawn majority and my opponent had a two on one pawn majority. He won the h pawn and I won the b pawn and a draw was agreed”.

No major mistakes were made but I probably played too passively against a Queen's Gambit and my opponent's central pawns proved to be unstoppable.
Final score 3.5 – 0.5.

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