Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Coventry League Division 1 Gloom

Observant readers will have noticed there was no report of the A team's 1.5- 2.5 loss to Warwick University B last week, but I was too depressed to go into print after losing a terrible game myself. Well, I am readier to bite the bullet after another 1.5-2.5 loss to Coventry A last night, but only because I got a very lucky win. Since Christmas we have managed one draw against Rugby, and three losses by the minimum margin, to leave us in grave danger of finishing last in Division 1. Oh the shame, the shame!

Ben was the hero last week, as our only winner, when he kept his nerve in a very complex position to avoid a number of nasty traps and bring home the bacon. All to no avail as Mike and I both lost and Dave only drew, despite being a piece up.

Last night it was all change, as I got the only win (rather undeservedly, as Henrik Stepanyan over-pressed and self-destructed in a better, but probably drawn queen ending) while Ben and Dave lost and Mike drew from what looked like a much better position against Dave Ireland. Ben's loss was the most galling, as he was much better/winning against Bernard Charnley, only to throw the game away. The fact that Bernard's phone went off during the game made the loss even more difficult to take. But how could Ben have claimed a win against one of our own?? Answer, he couldn't, but I suspect that next time he will - with the match captain urging him on! We need the points! Dave's loss against Ed Goodwin was excruciating - Bxh7+ anyone? When you can't even take it, you know you are really done for! To make us all feel even better, this was apparently Coventry's first league win in 3 seasons.

So, only one league game left for the A team, and just the small matter of Nuneaton A, who wiped us out 4-0 before Christmas. What a joyous prospect. Before then we have a repeat fixture and an early chance of revenge next week against Coventry, in the KO Cup quarter-final. Time for some bouncebackability, I think!

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