Thursday, 24 January 2019

Kenilworth B Victorious

The curtain raiser on this was a message from Coventry Captain Simon Weaver informing me that they would have to default on board four.  I was unable to get hold of Algirdas but in the event, Jude’s mum – though perhaps not Jude – was happy for them to return home to an early night.

Buoyed up by the one point starting advantage, I faced Bava on Board One as Black. In this game I failed to see the BIG PICTURE. In a Nimzowitch, Bava Manickammade a simple error on move four handing me a pawn, thank you very much. From then on, though, Bava completely outplayed me. Foolishly trying to hang on to this extra pawn  rather than exchanging it for some other advantage – a bit like the monkey with his hand on a peanut in a jam jar and won’t let go I was completely outmanoeuvred. Bava built up an attack against my King with his Queen and two knights, which, mesmerized by my ‘advantage’, I underestimated. And was mated. Still, after tI had been mated,  I was still a pawn up!!
Board Two saw a MAGNIFICENT PERFORMANCE by  William Morris playing White against Coventry League’s Simon Weaver.  This game will be used for instruction purposes on Saturday morning at the Chess Academy.

After a shaky start in an Advanced French William won a pawn and entered a Knight (William) v Bishop endgame. With couple of fine finesses and textbook play, White reduced Black to shuffling his Bishop up and down the same diagonal whilst methodically advancing his extra pawn. Black exchange the minor pieces which did not affect the fundamentals. White was then free to abandon his unpromotable advanced pawn, pick up Black’s remaining pawn and promote. And William has not even heard of Silman’s book on endgames. Just a natural. Another KCC major asset.
On Board Three Algirdas, as Black played Ian Evans. The opening looked to me very much like a line played by Ben Graff a few matches ago. There is probably a name for it (Mexican perhaps?) – it looked to me very much like a sort of Queens Gambit Declined with Black having a knight on c6. Any road up,  Algirdas managed to win two extra pawns  - passed a- and b-pawns. With a clear win in sight for Black, White blundered his knight and instantly resigned.

Final score  3-1 (including a default) which should  save us from relegation. It makes you proud to be Captain!

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