Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Oh, the Shame, the Shame!

Observant readers will have noticed the absence of a recent match report after the A team's final game of the season against Nuneaton A. From this you could correctly guess that things did not go well - hence my limited enthusiasm for putting finger to keyboard.

On one level we performed really well, as we improved upon our 0-4 loss against them earlier in the season by only going down 1-3 this time around (draws for Mike and Dave, losses for me (yet again) and Ben) against a very strong Nuneaton team. But regrettably, this was not really that great an achievement, as it extended our recent run to four consecutive league losses (plus one cup defeat) and - this is where the shame comes in! - meant we finished bottom of Division 1.

This state of affairs was considerably influenced by the failure of Warwick University B to play their final match of the season, which gifted Coventry A a 4-0 win and saw them leapfrog us to the elevated position of 4th. Students - dontcha just luv em?! Fortunately, there is no relegation - or at least, there'd better not be!

Nevertheless, in accordance with the time honoured requirement for failing leaders to fall on their sword, I shall of course be offering my resignation as manager/captain of the team. In the confident expectation that no-one will volunteer to replace me! But please - be my guest!

Ben ended as top scorer with 5/10, while Mike, Dave and myself could only manage 3.5 - albeit that Dave played one game less, when Rod substituted for him and got a draw.

And there's more bad news to report from the Coventry League, I'm afraid, where our B team ended up next to bottom of Division 2 in their debut season - only saved from last place by the mid-season collapse/withdrawal of he Coventry University team (although the question of points from the unplayed matches against Cov Uni could yet elevate us another place). The final nail in the coffin was the enforced defaulting of the last match against Rugby B due to an outbreak of illness in the team, which struck down both Roy and Jude. Despite the 6th or 7th place finish, though, this has been a good effort by the B team, especially notable for Jude's superb score of 9/11! The next highest scorer being Algis with 3.5/6. (Though kudos to Dave, Bernard R and Andy Ward for 100% scores on their limited appearances.) It seems as though there is another sword to be fallen on, Roy! But again, there is probably no great urge for anyone else to assume the role.

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